The first BB with Android called BlackBerry Venice phone

Venice slider smartphone running Android leaks: BlackBerry Venice AND BlackBerry Passport 2 To Run

BlackBerry has failed to make inroads with its proprietary operating system and ultimately decided to rely on Android for its upcoming smartphone named as BlackBerry Venice phone. It is coming to Venice, although not yet been officially presented, now it has very few secrets thanks to various leaks of information. It seems that the smartphone … Read more

How to prevent Google photos app uploading of photos automatically

How to prevent Google Photos keeps uploading your snaps online even after you delete the app

Some users have found that if you delete the Google Photos app, the service continued to be loaded automatically on the cloud shots taken with the Android smartphone. Google later clarified what is the exact procedure to cancel. To disable uploading of photos automatically via Google photos app in Android smartphone, visit this link. Google … Read more

Further details on the New 6th Generation iPod Touch

iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Date

Most of the changes introduced with the sixth-generation iPod touch have already been described in detail in the course of this afternoon. But there are technical aspects that Apple does not report, leaving the discoveries conducted by trade publications and by users. Compared to the iPhone 6 there is some change, although nothing excessive, the … Read more

How to deal bootloop Android firmware without data lost

solve bootloop Android: how to act with firmware with and without recovery

As mentioned already in the guide “how to solve bootloop Android after installing a custom rom”, the procedure today we will see how to find the solution of the problem of blocking the smartphone or tablet on duty, after the initial start of the animation, in If the firmware is original with recovery and if … Read more

WhatsApp Web, new update with photo profile and improvements to chat

WhatsApp Web, new update with photo profile and improvements for chatting

It was released a new update for WhatsApp Web that has enhanced chat features allowing you to change your profile photo from your computer. The interface dekstop Note smartphone application WhatsApp allows you to use the same services but through a computer, and was introduced just six months ago. It ‘easy to use, although up … Read more