Rooting lately we feel that when we talk about Android is to deliver bad news or alert the user . He has appeared a new security risk in Android called FakeID, but we’re not limited to just talk about the vulnerability, but we will give you tools so you can at least fight.

Going slightly in detail, “FakeID” is the name that has been given to a bug in the plugin webview of Adobe Systems performing privilege escalation. FakeID therefore allow malicious applications to impersonate trusted applications without notifying recognized user . This can bring a wide range of consequences, for example, can be used to escape the sandbox system and insert a Trojan within an app masquerading as Adobe Systems, get access to NFC for Google Wallet supplanting payments or get the taking total control of the device identity 3LM.

Affected Devices

Given that the vulnerability has existed since 2010 in Bluebox Labs conclude that affects all Android devices , including those running the last article of the green robot version of the operating system.

Device users specific manufacturers which include extensions for managing terminal are at risk of partial or total infection . The 3LM extensions are present in several smartphones from HTC, Pantech, Sharp, Sony Ericsson and Motorola, and are therefore susceptible to infection as well.

Discover what is the vulnerability and how to combat Android FakeID

Fighting vulnerability

The first is whether our device is vulnerable. To do this, we must download the Bluebox Security Scanner from the Google Play Store -tea leave the link at the end of article-. If the scanner detects that your device is vulnerable, then we have to download the fix has been developed for Xposed Framework, also you will find the download link at end of article-.

Once you have downloaded the file, installed it in the usual way. After that, we go to Xposed Installer and activate the module . As we have enabled, restart the terminal to apply the changes and it will be done. The module has no configuration options, just a screen that gives some information regarding the same.

We are talking about a serious vulnerability that, as always, should not be taken lightly. If you follow the instructions we gave you should be able to patch the vulnerability in minutes.

Bluebox Security Scanner | Google Play Store

FakeID fix | Google Play Store

It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone

As we all know, if there’s one thing that really stands out Google’s operating system is its tremendous customizability . Day after day, many people search for launchers , icon packages, modules, ROMs and countless resources to personalize your phone. But why do we customize both our phone?
It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone
When someone personalize your phone, most times it is because you want to change the look of the phone but sometimes it just does to change the settings of the terminal so that it can best adapt to the needs of the user. Considering these two aspects we can discuss MoDaCo Toolkit module for the famous Xposed specializes in Framework HTC One (including terminals) switch, which will help us transform aesthetically phone and added to the system some interesting options that will help us improve user experience .

Module Features

Only for HTC One:

  • Put the transparent status bar
  • Disable warning when the volume is high
  • Enable ADB safely in the lock screen
  • Enable advanced restart options
  • Wake up the device with the volume buttons
  • Change or disable the low battery warning
  • Access BlinkFeed using a launcher in third
  • Delete the name of the operator in the status bar

Only for Nexus devices:

  • Disable warning when the volume is turned up
  • Enable multi-user support if not supported (eg Nexus 4)
  • Enable advanced restart options
  • Enable the camera icon in the launcher (in Nexus 7 only)

On other devices:

  • Force USA locale to enable Amazon MP3 player if it is not available in your country.
  • Force launcher Facebook Home to be compatible with your device.
  • Forcing Google Play Store to 720p. Useful for apps that fail when the screen is 1080p.
  • Force the sensor to allow all rotations on screen
  • Activate the navigation bar
  • Allow blocking while facial VPN is connected
  • Enabling NFC with the screen off


  • It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone.
  • You must have downloaded and installed Xposed Framework. If you have not already, you can download it from here .

Installing the Module

As you shall see, the installation is very simple and the same as any other module Xposed Framework. For starters, we download the module from the official link MoDaCo . Then install the apk application file as a stream and finally, activate the module in the Modules section Xposed . Do not forget to restart your phone to save changes.

After this simple procedure, we can open MoDaCo Toolkit to delve and explore all the exciting options offered by this module .

MoDaCo | MoDaCo Toolkit

number of applications we usually take ours notifications smartphone

The Android notification bar was the first bar to be developed and it is for this reason that it is the most elaborate and the most mature. Allows many features from it, such as emails or reply to messages, delete them, save them as favorites, post or answer calls, or also will perform.

number of applications we usually take ours notifications smartphone

The problem is that often fills the bar really unnecessary given the exorbitant number of applications we usually take ours notifications smartphone . To avoid this we have the option to delete the notifications you do not want or clear all notifications, except those which are fixed, as it is supposed to be important. Well, to avoid this action, delete any notice we do not want, we can install a module for which Xposed necessary root and have Android 4.1 or higher .

The module in question is PinNotif, and simply serves to that, to fix and unpin notifications we want and not erased by mistake. To install it, go to Xposed repository and follow the usual procedure . So while mobile restarts or not is not off, we post important notices are not deleted unless we want. How to use this module is simple . We just hold on the notification you want to manage and give you the privilege to be fixed or removed like any other.

Many thanks as always to the developer community , which are the ones that always make our life easier and we solve problems or discomfort with which we are in Android allows us to customize or even to the last detail -.

Hopefully Google take example of these “small” developers and enter this and many other new Android officially, like the multi-window .

Xposed Module Repository | PinNotif

IP camera is the one you connect to the Internet and broadcast images without a computer

Android there many years ago, so it is likely that whoever has one has any more. This situation can lead to a big question: what to do with our old Android? Well today we bring you a curious method to exploit our old smartphone.

An IP camera is the one you connect to the Internet and broadcast images without a computer . Well, we can turn our smart phone in an easy and connect to it when we want it, whether we are inside or outside the home. Well, unless we’re in the office, and we want to control our children, or want to see what the dog in the morning, or even control whether someone is alien to us.
IP camera is the one you connect to the Internet and broadcast images without a computer

Installing and configuring IP Webcam

The method by which it works is quite simple. makes mobile server and this is going to sound the video and audio recording that captures the mobile . A computer or other device is connected and observed in vivo, with a little belatedly what happens in the goal of our “security camera”. It can even be configured to detect when this movement, start recording, and stop thirty seconds or what has configurado- after no movement.

Download the app for Android.
Set username and password.
Click on Start Server.

This is the basic configuration for the application to work perfectly. connect to the IP we introduce the application offers us when we want and where we want . If the IP is 192.168.xx type: 8080 means that we are connected by Wi-Fi and only work on local network; to run from elsewhere must disconnect the Wi-Fi and connect to mobile data.

Once connected to your computer, I recommend using the Browser option for HTML5 video and audio Wav option . Should be unavailable for subjects browser version Make use Flash for both.

So we can rest easy at any time because we can see what we want in any room of the house if we have multiple devices, clearing.

Download IP Webcam from Google Play.

TripAdvisor for planning trips excellence TripAdvisor is the reference website for millions of users have visited through the computer

It’s summer and it’s finally time to vacation, trips to the beach or the mountains, inland tourism or visits to other countries and different cultures . Generally, the sites we visited are full of mysteries and worthy places to visit and admire but often do not know because they are not well documented or not to bring a good travel guide to draw attention to us and put us on the way to visit these places.

Before there was the smartphones it was normal to visit the tourist office of the town or city where we were and buy a tourist guide with which to discover the charms of the site where we were, but a few years here it has changed dramatically and it is all due to increased guidebooks applications on mobile platforms and, as far as we are concerned, the Android ecosystem.

For this reason and because we know that you are planning a trip with your family, partner or friends, we show what we consider today ‘s top five applications guidebooks there on Android right now, so you do not miss a single detail site visit because not everything is going to be beach and pool.
TouristEye - Travel Guide was recently updated with a renewed simpler, minimalist interface

TouristEye – Travel Guide

This application, which was recently updated with a renewed simpler, minimalist interface , is for us one of the best applications guidebooks.

Used by more than 800,000 people, provides interesting information about the city in which we find ourselves, tips from other users and area maps without being connected to the Internet . You can save your favorite sites or recommendations of places to visit that you make on the wish list and then you can refer to plan a trip with more than 10,000 locations and 300,000 places and activities available in the application.

A new feature is a recommender activities and places to visit on the place and time where we are in the style Google Now, all offline . Furthermore, TouristEye – Travel Guide offers the possibility to receive alerts and notifications if the weekend produced some interesting offer to make a getaway. It’s definitely one of the best apps of guidebooks.

Google Play | TouristEye – Travel Guide (Free)

minube guidebooks aesthetically better maintained and offers a complete and useful services


This is another guidebooks aesthetically better maintained and offers a complete and useful services. It is also developed in Spain and certainly meets the most critical demands of tourists who want to plan your trip faster, reliable and neat style.

With minube you can choose the type of trip you want to do, whether it’s with family, partner or friends, relaxing or a more lively place where the party and night to shake hands. You also get the opinion of more than 1 million people who have used the app with lists of places to visit and activities to do and can use it as a social network , giving “likes” in the places they have visited other users in our environment.

As we read in Google Play, minube application is fully optimized for tablets , which is appreciated in order to better visualize the images of the places you’re planning to visit. For us it is a travel guide as complete and especially attractive.

Google Play | minube (Free)

TripAdvisor for planning trips excellence TripAdvisor is the reference website for millions of users have visited through the computer


One of the platforms for planning trips excellence TripAdvisor is the reference website for millions of users have visited through the computer also has application for mobile platforms and Android which is, undoubtedly. With TripAdvisor have the possibility of planning a vacation or a weekend getaway in the blink of an eye because it has thousands of registered locations and the ability to book hotels, flights and restaurants directly from the app .

We will also have millions of comments and images from other users and thousands of activities to do in the city we choose target. The only fault I can find you this app is the need to be connected to Internet and data consumption that entails, but definitely less bad considering the possibilities offered by its huge database of destinations worldwide.

Google Play | TripAdvisor (Free)

MTrip Travel Guides application offers a slightly different service to others

MTrip Travel Guides

This application offers a slightly different service to others and that is not focused on planning a trip , but once chosen town visiting, we can download a complete and detailed guide book where we get information like: parks, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, theaters and shops with opinions, photos, detailed travel information, prices and times we can not find in other applications.

The problem with this application is that although there are over 35 full guidebooks, we can not dispose of them for free , since the mTrip application only allows us to download a free preview, having to pay up to 3.99 euros for complete guide. Having to pay for the tourist guide is compensated with quality content and this app committed to quality rather than the quantity of options to consider.

Google Play | mTrip Travel Guides (Free guides to 3.99 euros)

Field Trip is a simple, lightweight app that uses the GPS positioning and to be constantly running in the background

Field Trip

The last of our applications guidebooks Field Trip is a simple, lightweight app that uses the GPS positioning and to be constantly running in the background . With this application, as we leave it closer to an interesting point or event to consider emerging notify us cards and if you have a headset connected, you will also receive audio information.

With Field Trip can be found from the local history of remote places , architecture, cuisine and folklore, to the most immediate feedback concert offers restaurants, shops and many other places. In the settings we can choose the frequency of notifications warn us of new content as well as save favorite places that we like to go the application of our learning preferences as does Google Now.

Google Play | Field Trip (Free)

As we have seen, if we go on vacation somewhere, either into or coast; we have no excuse to miss the corners and interesting places to our destination city or town may offer. With these applications we can perform a multitude of tasks from planning our escape and inform on leisure activities and cultural around us to learn the history and local culture without having to resort to traditional paper guides. A real advantage when you consider that we go where we go, we always take our smartphone above.

Do you miss an application that you consider essential? Tell us what you think in the comments our collection.

aCoDriver 3 is one of the essential applications for the car that will act as co-pilot but with features that seem taken from a futuristic movie

All are more than accustomed to seeing on the dashboard of one car GPS device or one smartphone acting as a driving aid , and we’re more than accustomed to the traditional interface with the vehicle or miniature arrow following a line drawn on the both road cars and motorbikes or bicycles and small icons that we are signaling speed limits and directions to take in a guided tour.
aCoDriver 3 is one of the essential applications for the car that will act as co-pilot but with features that seem taken from a futuristic movie
But today we bring you a different application to all this, aCoDriver 3 is one of the essential applications for the car that will act as co-pilot but with features that seem taken from a futuristic movie , or as described by its developer at Google Play, passenger that never sleeps. The application monitors the speed limits, and the camera of your smartphone detects the distance we are from the vehicle ahead and tell us if we overcome a solid line.

As stated by the developer, the scope and vision of the application are not 100% reliable as at night or in low visibility, the detection line is quite limited. Also, the speed limit signs can not be correct since these limits detected by the GPS positioning, so the message “The ultimate speed limit I’ve seen is …” is displayed.

We have an application that, while it lacks enough details to polish to make it more accurate and reliable, giving rise to a new type of aid at the wheel on our mobile devices increasingly are becoming more and more fashionable in the autonomous cars generation and HUD projected on the windshield. Would you consider this type of useful applications and driving aids? Do you think that you would use in your everyday life? Try it and tell us your impressions in the comments.

iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device

We love our iPhone, not least because it allows us to bring our whole life in your pocket. One of the main functions of your phone or tablet is our take with us our music, our videos and our holiday photos. To manage all this content we offer Apple iTunes a software to manage our iOS device . Personally iTunes is not my cup of tea, do not say it to malfunction or does not have an elegant design, it’s just that it seems a heavy program, sometimes a little slow and maybe something messy.

To make the management task easier, now two applications that allow us to have our iPhone about to very easily and intuitively we bring.

iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device

iFunBox is an assistant managing our iOS device. easily we can import and export music, videos, books and apps by simply dragging the files directly from your computer to the application. A function which we also have, and that we really like is the ability to use our iPhone as a mass storage device and to store any files on it as if it were a USB drive.

Not everything was going to be good, and you have things we do not like so much. It is the design case, we would have liked to find a much more careful interface and easy to help make each function in a much easier way. One point that we do not like that sometimes does not behave as it should and does not work as expected.

i-FunBox dot com | Download


iTools is the second option that we present. With a design very carefully and simply allows us an easy way to transfer all our multimedia content from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. Moreover, as in the previous case also allows us to use our iOS device as a USB external drive. need only drag our music, photos, books, contacts or applications corresponding paragraph and immediately we have everything in our device.

We liked the simple and easy iTools makes managing content without having to go through the software giant apple. The only complaint I can make is that for now we have to use it in English , but it’s no big deal.

iTools | Download

If you’re tired of iTunes and synch your content problems, the two options are more than good. Even if we are allowed, we opted for iTools simply for its simplicity in the interface , with a very careful design, which makes their use much easier and faster.

Note that both devices are free and are available for both OS X and Windows . To function you must have iTunes installed, it is imperative.