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Bag Charger For Smartphone

You travel often? If you need to bring along not only smartphones but also the charger, then the product we want to talk today will attract your attention, this is the bag Charger for smartphones. The bag is not only elegant but also very different from the classic bags as it boasts an integrated charger with microUSB connector and connector ... Read More »

Test the water resistance of the Galaxy S5

Samsung’s sales pitch for its Galaxy S5 is not at all focused on the strength of it, and yet the mark would totally could. We recently shared with you a stress test had shown that the latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy did not risk much -see nothing- if he had fallen out of pocket or even be thrown from a height ... Read More »

The Android game of the week: Mobfish Hunter

Mobfish Hunter is a game set in 2020, on an Earth completely stripped of the so-called rare earths. Greed and race-on equipment caused this disaster and led the transformation of fish into a new species called Mobfish. All is not lost, however, since a new profession has emerged from this terrible chain of events. In this way, the Mobfish Hunter ... Read More »

Discover the vulnerability and tips to combat Android FakeID

Rooting lately we feel that when we talk about Android is to deliver bad news or alert the user . He has appeared a new security risk in Android called FakeID, but we’re not limited to just talk about the vulnerability, but we will give you tools so you can at least fight. Going slightly in detail, “FakeID” is the ... Read More »

Customize your phone with MoDaCo Toolkit Xposed Framework

It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone

As we all know, if there’s one thing that really stands out Google’s operating system is its tremendous customizability . Day after day, many people search for launchers , icon packages, modules, ROMs and countless resources to personalize your phone. But why do we customize both our phone? When someone personalize your phone, most times it is because you want ... Read More »

How to fix the root being important notifications

number of applications we usually take ours notifications smartphone

The Android notification bar was the first bar to be developed and it is for this reason that it is the most elaborate and the most mature. Allows many features from it, such as emails or reply to messages, delete them, save them as favorites, post or answer calls, or also will perform. The problem is that often fills the ... Read More »

Turn your old mobile into a security camera

IP camera is the one you connect to the Internet and broadcast images without a computer

Android there many years ago, so it is likely that whoever has one has any more. This situation can lead to a big question: what to do with our old Android? Well today we bring you a curious method to exploit our old smartphone. An IP camera is the one you connect to the Internet and broadcast images without a ... Read More »