Google Now Launcher Update with lollipop design

An update of Google Now launcher can your tablet or smartphone a little more turn into a lollipop device – at least in style.

Sure, there are already some devices running Android 5.0 lollipop, but most of us, especially on the tablet side, still waiting for updates. Not even the current Nexus 7 with LTE has Lollipop – hopefully Google delivers quickly! Anyway, who is on the material design of Lollipop, thanks to an update of the Google Now launcher tablet or smartphone can be at least adapt to Lollipop, by design, a little more.

Google has released an update of today Google Now launcher and the Google Search app published in the Play Store

Google has released an update of today Google Now launcher and the Google Search app published in the Play Store. Both must be up to date, because the apps are closely wired together. The adjustments in the design will work only if you have a tablet or smartphone with Android 4.1, Android 4.4, or a version in between.

I have installed the latest version of Google Now launcher on my Nexus 7 with LTE, a picture you see above. Too big but the changes are not. The Google search on the home screen is now white, the same goes for the button to the app selection. There is now a Google Now Side-in panel, set in the memories, changed accounts and settings can be made. You just get a little more “material design“.

Hopefully future updates will soon appear on Lollipop for tablets. In the case of smartphones, many manufacturers have already released updates, but who has no Nexus 7 or Nexus 9 without LTE, looks far into space.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A: New Tablets with and without stylus for MWC

Under the name “Galaxy Tab A” Samsung could soon introduce four new tablets that are partially but with rather mediocre hardware with a stylus.

Samsung could soon introduce a new range of tablets, presumably for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The colleagues of SamMobile have the names distended by four new tablets that may replace the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note 4 series. All four devices appear comfortable with mediocre hardware and optional with LTE.
Under the name Galaxy Tab A Samsung could soon introduce four new tablets that are partially
We start with the Samsung Galaxy Tab AS and AL Samsung Galaxy Tab , which carry the product numbers SM-T351 / T350 and SM-T551 / T550. This is probably the successor of 7 and 10 inch Galaxy Tab 4.0. The “S” and “L” in the name is likely to “Small” and “Large” are, so for small and large.

The other two tablets is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus AS and AL Galaxy Tab Plus with the product numbers SM-P551 / 550 and SM-P351 / 350th This product numbers are similar to those of the touch tablet, which is why the new “Plus” series is probably equipped with an S-Pen stylus.

It is possible that at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus to the recently leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8.4 , we expected at CES, but was not presented.

It is exciting to see whether the new Galaxy Tab A tablet with a metal housing come along. After all, puts Samsung in the Galaxy A smartphone to a higher-quality processing. Mobile World Congress, held in late February, we will know it hopefully.

It is hard to believe, but Samsung has introduced no new tablet for half a year. In the past, we have seen a lot more products. To change their strategy and the South Koreans no longer get quite as many tablets one year out, but focus on a low-end and high-end series.

Adobe Lightroom available for Android – soon for tablets!

Photographers will enjoy: Adobe Lightroom is now finally available for Android. So far, however, the app only works on smart phones, not tablets.

Professional photographers who want to go work with similar features like their pictures on the desktop, which can for some time, Adobe Lightroom do for the iPad. It even works pretty well, especially because everything is synchronized with the cloud and is also available on the desktop. Now Adobe Lightroom has finally for Android launched, the app is already in the Play Store.

Adobe Lightroom do for the iPad

The Lightroom app for Android offers a lot of the features that we know from the desktop or from the iPad app. So far, however, the app runs only on smartphones a version for tablets was indeed already been promised, but is not yet available. In the reviews, however, to read that one uses it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab – on one or the other tablet so it could work on the Nexus 7 does not.

It is a pity that Adobe Lightroom has decided to publish only for smartphones. For an app like Lightroom smartphones are a little small – large pictures I’d rather work on a tablet. But this goes far only on iPads.

To use Lightroom on your Android smartphone, you need a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This is not cheap with nearly 60 euros a month for all products, or almost 24 euros a month for a product. But there is a fairly attractive photography package – for around 12 euros a month you get to have Lightroom and Photoshop, and thus access to the mobile versions.

Interestingly Lightroom is really only if you uses it on your desktop to professionally edit photos, especially because of the cloud support. For everyone else, I would recommend one of the numerous free alternatives such as Snapseed.

Ex-Google employees publish Microsoft Surface clone with Android

The Remix Ultra Tablet is the company Jide a Microsoft Surface clone with a Latin based Android operating system called Remix OS – this is very similar to Windows. 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one of the best tablets out there if you want to replace a notebook at the same time and work productively. This is mainly due to the built-in kickstand and an excellent keyboard cover. But how would such a device with Android? The apparently wanted three former employees of Google to find out and presented with their company Jide at CES, the so-called “Ultra Tablet”.
The Remix Ultra Tablet is the company Jide a Microsoft Surface clone with a Latin based Android
Visually, the Ultra Tablet Surface of the series is very similar. There is a kickstand and a keyboard cover. Many design elements are very similar to Tablets by Microsoft. But it’s not just the hardware that reminds directly to a surface, but also the software. While running on the Android Tablet Ultra, but this was highly adapted under the name “Remix OS”. There is a bottom taskbar and apps that are very similar to the Modern UI design from Microsoft.

The internal hardware is more akin again more an Android tablet. So the guys from Jide have installed an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset, 2GB RAM and 64GB internal memory and. There is a microUSB port and a magnetic port to charge the device. The 11.6-inch screen has a full HD resolution.

With so many similarities to the Surface Pro 3, it may be no coincidence that resemble the very Tablets. Microsoft is here may fret and check whether they would take legal action against Jide. But for us, the consumers’ Ultra Tablet “with the Remix OS is at least interesting. However, it is quite unlikely that the tablet will appear in the near future and outside the United States.

Here are a hands-on video from CES:

Is it wrong to charge the phone all night? Myths and truths of batteries and chargers

In the world of new technologies, a number of myths always come around certain themes such as batteries. In the case of mobile phones, how many times have we heard the question whether it is bad charge mobile all night? In this articles we will tell you some myths and truths of batteries and chargers.

Is it wrong to charge the phone all night Myths and truths of batteries and chargers

We do not know how, when or why, but this series of myths always extend between society , myths such as saying that the batteries are broken if we carry unofficial chargers or those who tell us that we should not use the phone while charging, and even the typical tell us about that charge mobile all night is bad.

The six most listened myths

We could probably write a book if all the myths that the company releases about the technologies. However, we will then list the six most listened myths about batteries, chargers and generally those associated with our smartphone:

Indeed this is one of the most important and most widespread myths, but it is a myth partially false. I mean by this that there are chargers that are not of the official mark of our terminal, but possessing high quality and are totally safe. Now, it is true that a cheap charger can not meet the necessary features to guarantee the life of our battery and our smartphone , so if you want to spice up your mobile, better not let the play.

Charging mobile phone over long periods is bad habit

Certainly more than once you have wondered whether charge your smartphone while you sleep, overnight, is bad, the answer is no, it’s not bad charging overnight . The current batteries are “smart” and when they have just finished loading, do not follow overloaded. But yes it is advisable, if possible, only charge the battery and only when necessary.

Just load the mobile when fully discharged

This is another of the most widespread false claims. Indeed, not only is not necessary to wait until the battery dies to charge it, but also is good for the life of our battery performing loads when it is between 40% and 80%, this does not going as the limit and wears less.

Using mobile while charging is negative

Some recent studies have shown that different users, has exploited them mobile terminal while used, being connected to the power, but this problem was not for use while carrying, but by the type of charger used. As discussed above, it is not necessary to use unofficial chargers, but we must use at least high quality boots that will ensure this reliability. So, we can use our phones while they are loading.

The phones should never be turned off

This is a serious mistake that many of us can commit at some point. Our mobile devices are not meant to be lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To make sure of maximizing the life of your phone, proper operation and our drummer, and advisable as we can, give some temporary relief to the phone by turning it off completely.

Making a long first battery charge

This is one of the myths that I hear from the beginning of time, and is totally false applied to lithium batteries and lithium polymer ions. We recommend charging until the indicator shows that the battery has reached its maximum charge level to start working completely independently. Previously it was thought that this charge was necessary because if our battery takes 24 hours to download, the first charge should last for 24 hours, but the concept is wrong. In fact, the battery circuit closes when it detects that the battery is fully charged.

Bag Charger For Smartphone

You travel often? If you need to bring along not only smartphones but also the charger, then the product we want to talk today will attract your attention, this is the bag Charger for smartphones.

The bag is not only elegant but also very different from the classic bags as it boasts an integrated charger with microUSB connector and connector for Apple devices. Unfortunately, the battery life of a smartphone in continuous use no more than a day sometimes two, for this reason often is forced to reload.

With this fantastic bag can charge your device at any time and wherever you are.

We see all the product features:

  • Bag with zipper and charger included
    The interior of the bag is a stylish red
    One large compartment with two card slots and a compartment with zipper
    Separate bag with zipper removable battery
    Practical and spacious
    Battery 2600 mAh lithium-ion Samsung present inside
    Included Micro USB cable for charging the smartphone
    Made of PU leather to prevent the colors fade
    Dimensions of 23 x 14.5 cm, 15 x 6cm lot battery, cable opening 1.5 cm in diameter, battery 10 x 3cm
    Weight: about 190g
    The product is sold on Troppotogo , and is available at a cost of € 34 just unbelievable! A cost justified considering that this is not just a bag but inside lies a charger!

Test the water resistance of the Galaxy S5

Samsung’s sales pitch for its Galaxy S5 is not at all focused on the strength of it, and yet the mark would totally could. We recently shared with you a stress test had shown that the latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy did not risk much -see nothing- if he had fallen out of pocket or even be thrown from a height of 3 meters (you never know what can happen). If you missed this test, we invite you to experience it from this page.

Today, the same team (TechSmartt) decided to retest the Samsung Galaxy S5 but this time in the passing water and “forgetting” in a washing machine. You should know that in the specifications of the Smartphone, Samsung announced the IP 67 standard that allows it to withstand dust and water, so it must be able to withstand immersion up to one meter and, for a half an hour. Verdict?

The S5 again assure. While he was placed at the bottom of a swimming pool to a meter deep and this for an hour, he continued to work. Once out of the water, the same conclusion and no signs of infiltration.

After this test, the team did not resist the urge to “forget” the Galaxy S5 in the pocket of jeans and pass the normal cycle–in the washing machine. After 50 min of shock against the drum of the machine, the Galaxy S5 spring fully ready for use. Not only has it stood the water, but the screen is in perfect condition. Clearly impressive result.