Must Read Positives/Negatives of The iPhone 6

camera for the iPhone 6 is one of the best on the market

Positives The iPhone 6 comes with many positives that make it such a popular phone. In fact, the iPhone 6 is the most bought phone worldwide. Here are some of my iPhone 6 positives: (Image by hurk Screen The iPhone 6 screen is a huge improvement over its predecessor. The 6 comes with massively … Read more

Exclusive Elephone to launch with Windows 10 and Android OS

Elephone to launch with dual-OS Windows 10 and Android OS

On the new top of the range Elephone have already spent a few words in recent days, in fact, to be honest we reported virtually most of the information that will characterize design and technical details. Yet the new Chinese phone manufacturer returns to be talked about making it clear he wants to be on … Read more

Mediacom Released Dual Sim PhonePad Duo X520U

new mediacom smartphone provides up to 375 hours of standby time

Mediacom Announces New PhonePad X520U Duo, Dual SIM smartphone that features a body made ??of magnesium alloy, a material widely used in the industry aeronautics, which made ??it possible to keep the weight just 123 grams and thickness in just 6, 9 mm, a real record for a Dual Sim phone with removable battery. Here … Read more