The first 5G compatible smartphones will arrive in 2019

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According to a report published by analyst Yiwen Wu of Strategy Analytics, the first 5G compatible smartphones will arrive in 2019. However, 4G will remain the most used network until 2022.

The 5G is much awaited by mobile enthusiasts. 5G-compatible smartphones will be primarily focused on Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to this new standard, smartphones will be able to reach a rate of 10Gbits per second. What make the fiber obsolete, and allow to multiply the uses of the mobile Internet. For now, however, it is unclear when this technology will finally be available.

the first 5G-compatible smartphones will arrive in 2019

According to Strategy Analytics, it is very likely that the first 5G-compatible smartphones will arrive in 2019. A prediction in line with Qualcomm’s in regards to the arrival of the 5G . However, these smartphones will be produced massively only from 2021.

The 4G, which surpassed 3G in 2015, should remain the main network until 2022 . On the other hand, the smartphones 2G will soon disappear because the manufacturers of chips and telephones are now turning unanimously towards the wireless and the LTE.

5G: South Korea to be the first country to benefit

According to Boris Metodiev, another researcher of Strategy Analytics, worldwide sales of LTE smartphones are expected to increase by 30% between 2018 and 2022 . Of the 88 markets studied, China, India and the United States will be the biggest markets for 4G smartphones. However, South Korea and Japan will be the two most advanced countries in the field of mobile data networks.

In South Korea, operators are already working hard to launch the 5G as soon as possible. KT plans to demonstrate at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics , and SK Telecom is trying to buy 5G equipment from global vendors.

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