A Google smartwatch with two Touch Screens

Ubergizmo website reveals a smartwatch patent “Smart-watch with user interface features” thought by Google and integrating two touchscreens.

The smartwatchs have spilled a lot of ink lately. Google, which has decided to come on the market, the potential is so far not proved, in any case filed a patent that says a lot about the intentions of the digital conglomerate.

smartwatch design that features dual touchpads, a wireless Internet connection and components that are located within the device’s wristband instead of underneath its face

A removable touchscreen

This patent discloses indeed existence of not one, but two separate touchscreens. The watch design implements components beyond the main screen and extends through the strap. According to forecasts of the site Ubergizmo, the Google smartwatch would be able to support an internet connection via wireless connectivity. However, there is still no tangible evidence that the watch will be able to synchronize with a device running Android. We do not know whether it will have a separate connection. Reading the patent also suggests that secondary touchscreen can be removable.

The filing of a patent does not automatically mean the technical operation thereof by the depositary. Look first to see what the Mountain View company provided us next week at Google I/O.