A new approach to design iPad Mini

In previous episodes of the soap opera that revolves around the possible iPad Mini got to see suspected components would have used in the manufacture of the tablet that Apple could launch to complement your new iPhone and compete with other cutting devices more compact and economic measures. On this occasion, from Gizmodo have proposed some approaches to the design that could present the device, adjusting to some of the features, either in the form of rumor or appropriate filtration, have been brought to the iPad Mini.

A new approach to design iPad Mini

For example, we have a device that keeps the 4:3 proportions of the new iPad, and a back cover practically the same as that installed in the latest version of the tablet from Apple. Not clearly spelled out the size you would have the screen, but as you know, has spoken of a panel of 7.85 inches for this hypothetical iPad Mini. Another interesting point is at the bottom of the terminal. As has been raised for the iPhone 5, this tablet would take a connector that brings the concept of MacSafe of Apple laptops to mobile devices in the house.

The course MacSafe to carry the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini would be a smaller connector than is already presented in previous editions of the equipment. It has been suggested that its configuration would range between nine and 19 pins , and also be magnetized as a security measure in order to avoid that in case of accidental flip the tablet or the phone gets a battering on the floor. Still, Apple has not confirmed that the MacSafe will become part of the characteristics of the iPad Mini or the iPhone 5, nor has ruled on the existence of both devices, so it is difficult to determine what the end result will be.

As in the designs of iPhone 5 which have been uncovered, the new tablet of small dimensions Apple carry a stereo audio output would also serve as cooling pathway similar to that long resides in the lower part of the manufacturer’s desktop, the iMac. This detail would help retire the homologous output we have seen in the new iPhone and iPad 2, located in the lower left back of the terminal, making the result much more symmetrical.

Another point of this approach to the design of the iPhone Mini is found in the presence of a camera, according to recent rumors, not be part of the technical device. With a view to the final price of the iPhone Mini is as economical as possible, it has been suggested that Apple would dispense with features like camera, so the proposed approximate design from Gizmodo would, in this sense that finally alienated be submitted with the iPad Mini.

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