A new Sony smartphone will feature 8 cameras!

We thought that with the latest top of the range that came out, the so-called race to equip smartphones with as many cameras as possible was over. It seems instead that Sony is ready to deny us, after new details have been revealed about its new device , which equips a total of 8 cameras!

Sony is preparing a smartphone with as many as 8 cameras: Multi-camera madness: Leaks point to 8-camera Sony smartphone,
Motorola model also competing in Multi-camera madness with a device of 6-camera

According to max J, an insider who, through his Twitter account , shared what he imagines of the new smartphone from Sony, through some drawings, this will be equipped by the house with 2 cameras in the front and 6 in the back , whose total would represent the greatest quantity of the latter reached so far on a telephone.

the most surprising thing about the Moto One Pro render isn’t that there are four cameras on the back

At the front, the pair of cameras, positioned in the upper left corner, right next to the ear capsule, will feature a 10 mpx resolution sensor and a 0.3 mpx ToF ( Time of Flight ) sensor .

At the rear of the Sony device, the six cameras will be equipped with a 20 mpx sensor , an 8 mpx sensor, a high resolution 48 mpx sensor , a 12 mpx one, another 16 mpx one, and the last one sixth will be a 0.5 mpx ToF sensor. As for the rumored Sony smartphone, it’s expected to have the following cameras:


20MP F2.4
48MP F1.2 to F/2.4
16MP F.24
8MP F2.4
12MP F.1 to F.24
0.5MP Time of Flight


10MP primary camera
0.3MP Time of Flight camera

the most surprising thing about the Moto One Pro render isn’t that there are four cameras on the back of sony

It will be interesting to know the hardware specifications of what is always a smartphone belonging to the Sony Xperia series, for which we will have to wait for official news or new reports . Certainly the device is equipped with a very important photographic part and a great variety of sensors , which can allow you to take various types of high quality photos.

A phone that is about to take over the record , regarding the number of cameras available!