Advanced Task Killer to save memory and battery

Looking for a good task killer for your smartphone? Here is the right opportunity for you! The closing applications are useless because it always run in the background and even lead to instability of the system! There are many who hold this view, as are numerous producers who recommend to reboot your smartphone at least once a day on their mobile device, in such a way as to ensure the best performance significantly.

So, in order to keep an eye on memory and battery power which app is more interesting than Advanced Task Killer?

Advanced Task Killer app is really very easy to use: after sending her running, in fact, is able to display all the different active applications and provides a nice gray button to close them.

closing applications are useless because it always run in the background

This useful app also offers the ability to terminate all the various applications with just one tap: it is sufficient to push the Kill button for selected apps to carry out this operation.

After the first start, moreover, Advanced Task Killer is able to store what are the app that the user had decided to close earlier and, within the list, select automatically, providing, instead, to leave without selection all those apps that you had kept open.

Stop wasting battery for the fault of the useless app!

To terminate automatically apps that are running in the background, from the settings menu it is possible to configure the level of “Auto Kill”: the disable option does not provide any kills set, the safe option is to close all those apps which are not closed but that the resources that suck anyway, the aggressive option which closes the app running in the background and, finally, the option that ends all those crazy apps that are not used at that particular time.

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