3 Alternative Facebook Android Apps

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The official Facebook app has many problems both from the functional point of view and from the point of view of graphics because in spite of several attempts, it appears to be poorly optimized for smartphones. The official Facebook app have been many advances in the latter years, but in spite of the efforts, presents many problems indeed no coincidence that the majority of users complain about a considerable slow in loading pages, difficulty in sharing link and cumbersome in tagging photos with friends so, today we decided to present three alternative for Android Facebook.

The Google Play Store is full of alternatives to Facebook, but not all offer the same results even perhaps some are worse. That is why we decided to extrapolate the three best alternatives Facebook Android apps from the Play Store you can install on your device safely and say goodbye to boring Facebook application.

Well, let us see what it is!

Friendcaster for Facebook

It is one of the best Facebook client for Android phones. From the interface you can accede the main functions such as changing your status, upload photos, tag friends and interact as you wish with all your contacts. Once logged in with your credentials, you can use Friendcaster in the exactly same manner as you use the official Facebook app.

Friendcaster for Facebook is one of the best Facebook client for Android phones

This Facebook Android Apps is very light and unlike all the other apps, it offers a quick and user-friendly photo uploading with a good level of interface customization such as changing the classic blue Facebook. The only flaw is the lack of integration of the application of the chat.

Seesmic for Facebook

It is one of the best Android applications whose purpose is to manage your social networks in one place. With Seesmic for Android, you can view and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time! The app offers all the functionality of your social network fact, you can share photos, videos and exploit the Android shortcuts to access your feeds from one of your Facebook pages and much more!

Seesmic for Facebook is one of the best Android applications whose purpose is to manage your social networks in one place

And finally, Seesmic offers full integration of Facebook, including management and publishing administered Facebook pages.

Fast for Facebook

Although still in Beta, Fast for Facebook is showing a great alternative official Facebook app as it lighter and faster. The app also provides a considerable saving battery and memory as it offers the possibility to choose between two modes: a high-performance version (with high-quality pictures) or a faster version but with a lesser quality version.

three best alternatives Facebook Android from the Play Store you can install on your device

Fast for Facebook offers a lot of features including: comments, status updates, I like, real-time Message, Chat, Send Private Messages, Friends Management, List online friends and so on…

Finally, just a few days ago there appeared a new project called Facebook for Every Phone in the network, a project in which the team has been working for two years and could arrive very soon. The project will cover in the first place before the cell to medium-low and especially emerging markets. This is because the main purpose of the team is to make the social network available on any device.

In doing so in fact, all those who have a normal cell medium-low can get your hands on the brand new official Facebook app.

Here is the statement of the company:

Google Play Store is full of alternatives to Facebook

This experience – announced the company – is optimized to use less data than other Java applications and mobile sites, making it more convenient to use. We also have partnerships with mobile operators around the world to offer free or discounted access to the data to Facebook for Every Phone.

And what do you think of this project?

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