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Android Apps to download music for 2019

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The applications to download music are exclusive of the Android system; IOS is not part of this list of downloaders

We know about your passion for music and, as we usually do, we want to make your life easier with a series of apps that you will appreciate. They are Android Apps to download music of all kinds, without having to pay for it. It sounds fantastic, right? Well, pay attention to these options that will fill your life rhythm.

The applications to download music are exclusive of the Android system; IOS is not part of this list of downloaders. Finally, once you select the application that you liked the most, remember not to modify its default configuration . Some download everything in the internal memory. Do not change it, wait for it to download and then transfer it to the SD card manually. This is for the app to work properly.

Beat Set

To use Set Beat all you need to do is log in with your Facebook account and search for the song you want to listen to

Known as “the clone of Spotify”, Set Beat offers you everything that the original Android Apps offers. We talked about the premium benefits you dreamed of having. All without you having to put your hand in your pocket. This application is one of the most complete options in this list.

To use Set Beat all you need to do is log in with your Facebook account and search for the song you want to listen to. As it contains the “no connection” option, you will not spend data or need to be connected to WIFI. To download your favorite song you must click on the download cloud that appears below each theme.

With Set Beat you can follow your favorite musician, add the songs you want to your playlist, and much more. All without any restriction.

GTunes Music

It has a fairly simple design, but what is simple is powerful. GTunes Music has a large library of songs that puts them at your disposal, free of charge. You only need the name of the song or the name of the singer and that’s it! You can find everything in it.

With GTunes Music you will be able to visualize the content that you will download so as not to make any mistakes. In addition, as if that were not enough, includes the lyrics of the songs so you can learn them from memory while downloading. Of course, this wonder contains its own player.

As every application does not pay, it contains advertising. Do not worry, it’s not invasive; It will not bother you at all. (Remember to enable the option “install from unknown sources” on your mobile).

Huawei Music

One more from our list of applications to download music. Huawei Music will catch your attention from the start, since you will see several oriental singers as download options. Do not worry, if you can find your favorite artists.

Its interface is totally friendly. It has a powerful search engine, album covers and an excellent player. The only thing you have to do to download music here is to click on the little arrow symbol that appears first on the buttons of the player.

It is advised that the download options are not changed; everything has to go directly to the internal memory of the mobile . In case you do not want to use the player of this app, you can move your songs to the SD card.

Mp3 Music Download

Here we have our last recommendation. Mp3 Music Download is everything its name announces: it allows you to download music in mp3 format, without limit of downloads and in the best quality . When not being paid, it contains some advertisements. They are quite tolerant, so you do not have to worry about them.

Mp3 Music Download has its own player so you do not have to leave the application every time you want to listen to what you have downloaded. Its appearance is very friendly, so it is easy to use. Search: search, your downloads, Player: the music player.

For the service they offer, these applications to download music you will not find in Google Play. Do not be scared, they are 100% safe to use on your mobile phone.

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