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One of the best applications for photo editing and retouching reaches the platform Android. This is Snapseed, of which I spoke earlier this year for iPhone, and it has garnered fame and fans equally with its features and capabilities, which place halfway between the social network Instagram and the famous program retouching Photoshop. Snapseed, a free Android apps is much more comprehensive tools that the social network known filters, options and very concrete -like tool used by professional photographers

Snapseed, a free Android apps is much more comprehensive tools that the social network known filters, options and very concrete -like tool used by professional photographers

Snapseed was already available on devices with iOS, (iPhone and iPad) as was an paid application. However, Google decided to acquire the developer, taking a version for Android platform. The good thing about all this is that, today, users of both platforms can use the application for completely free, without any restrictions. Something that will appeal to photography enthusiasts looking for a tool to edit more complete images.

With classic gestures pinch or swipe up and down, right to left and vice versa have dominated the application. All this allowing you to choose specific points of images, color areas, and almost all the portions of the image that you want to tweak so independent from the rest.

To do so, you have to choose a picture from your gallery of images. Once done always remain at the center of the screen, to track all your changes and apply the finishing touches. These are placed in a lower bar and can move very extensive list of options offered by this application. So you can make changes to the white balance, brightness, saturation, contrast, image format, tone, angle, framing and also has filters and frames to give a special touch to your photos.

What you like is that you can do it all in detail. As you mentioned above, surprised its easy handling. Thus, you can make a point by tapping your finger to move to edit. Or, if you prefer, an area that can expand with the pinch gesture. After this only remains to choose the tool bar, slide your finger up or down to choose the specific feature that is being amended and finally, move your finger left or right across the screen to apply the degree we want. In addition you always have the option of clicking on the button on the top right corner to make a before and after the changes made and the original photograph.

Finally, you can not forget about its social possibilities. How could it be otherwise, when finished editing the image allows you to share through social network Google+. In short, a much more complete than Instagram for those fans of digital photography. The only requirement is to have a terminal Android updated to version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. It can be downloaded for free through Google Play.

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