Android O improvements brought to our mobile phones

With the arrival of Android O, which will be officially version 8.0, Google offers new features that will renew the performance of the terminals that work with this platform. That’s why today we’ll talk about the improvements that Android brings or for our mobile phones.

With the new version of Android, the camera and Google Assistant will begin to get much better because now

Notifications with individual counter

Many times we have a number of notifications accumulated in messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or even SMS; As we do with social networks, for example with Twitter or Facebook, and is that not every application has its counter notifications so we almost never know how many notifications we speak.
However Google will change this with its new Android O, which now includes notifications counter for each app. Now you can hold down the icon of an application and this will display a pop-up window that will allow you to read the notifications at a glance.

Android O adds new smarter camera

With the new version of Android, the camera and Google Assistant will begin to get much better because now, when capturing an image, the application will have the ability to recognize objects and places to make intelligent recommendations on actions, such as identifying a place on a map or perhaps indicate the name of a flower that was photographed. Something similar to what Bixby achieves on the Galaxy S8.
In the case of capturing a selfie or a group photo, I could suggest that you immediately hang it on Facebook or Instagram to share it.

Emojis supported by all systems

We are in an era in which words are accompanied by images that are expressed by emojis. Sometimes we use them because they express exactly our intention as well as emotion, but there are versions that do not support them and instead a small box or any other sign is placed, but among the improvements that brings Android O is that this will not happen anymore.

Google has enabled a new feature that allows developers to integrate a new emoji library, this new set comes completely redesigned and even though it is not part of the Unicode version, included in our keyboard, the system will be able to interpret the data and place in the emoticon closest to the one originally sent instead of placing an X.

New Android, new icons

Many times we have a number of notifications accumulated in messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or even SMS

With Android 7.0 we could experience that the icons that did not come natively round, were adapted to respect the design, but in this case developers and designers will have the freedom to create various models that allow the images and logos of the apps to look Equal in the variety of mobile and devices that support Android and are not forced to force an image that does not fit.

Security is renewed with Vitals

For Google the footprint and antivirus are not enough. The company took the security issues seriously in the apps and therefore created a tool that deals with analyzing all the security parameters of each of the applications that are hosted in the Google Play Store, including a review of the security of those apps that are already installed on a mobile phone, updates through another tool called Google Play Protect.

Project Treble arrives on Android O

Google is aware of how complex it is to distribute the update of its operating system among the more than 2 billion active devices in the world, in many cases much of this task is pending, so they decided to join Project Treble, which Is the biggest change to the low-level Android architecture that has been done to date, with this deep change Google intends to simplify the implementation of the updates and thus decrease the update times and recreate new effective distribution strategies.

Fluid experiences

To finish with these improvements brought by Android O for our mobile phones, we will talk about this new functionality that emulates the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode of Youtube, since it allows to continue watching a video in a floating window while we move in other applications without the videos are cut , Making a new feature native that lets you continue to watch a video on Netflix, for example, without being cut when reviewing a WhatsApp notification or an SMS.

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