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Android: the trick to save the maximum battery that nobody reveals

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There is an Android trick that nobody dares to reveal: It allows you to get the maximum possible battery savings in a simple and fast way.

There is an Android trick that nobody dares to reveal: It allows you to get the maximum possible battery savings in a simple and fast way.

The problem with all modern devices is the battery. Android smartphones and tablets are no exception. With the new version of the Google operating system (now released for these phones ) the situation improves but you can not work miracles. The applications, as well as system processes, are responsible for excessive battery consumption . Today we will discover a little used trick that will allow you to minimize energy waste.

Android battery: how to push it over the limit

The best way to save battery is to take control of running processes using tools natively present on Android. The way in which this secret screen is accessed varies from device to device but leads back to the Developer Options . We do this way:

  1. Activate the mod by clicking repeatedly under the heading “build number” which is located in the Settings> Info field on the phone
  2. At this point, identify the Services in execution / Processing statistics or Usage details option . Here is a list of active processes and the amount of RAM currently used.
  3. We can block unnecessary services. We pay attention to those sensitive. Some apps may block your phone by forcing you to reboot.

On devices after Android Marshmallow you can also intervene on the cache processes that we find on Settings> Developer Options> Running Services> Other. We must be careful not to block Google apps . On the contrary, we can close utilities such as integrated communication messaging systems and music players not currently in use.

You can find out which apps and services are requiring more power via the Settings> Battery menu . Here are percentages, graphs and usage time data for the individual applications. Get an idea of ??the processes and possibly delete or disable unnecessary apps.

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