Top 3 Antivirus apps to protect your Android smartphone

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Mobiles are not as susceptible to computer viruses as personal computers. However, there are many users who are looking for an antivirus for their smartphone. Therefore, in this article, we present 3 best antivirus  apps for Android devices.

It must be clarified that the installation of an antivirus is not as effective as the users believe. Nor is it necessary to have an antivirus to avoid the vast majority of the virus for mobile that exist, nor the antivirus that exist allow you to block all the viruses. But there are many users who want to install an antivirus on their mobile devices. In the presence of false anti-virus that are cheating, we recommend 3 highly rated antivirus to protect your Android smartphone.

It is a free antivirus, available in the Google Play store, and has nothing more and nothing less than 23 million ratings

1. Security Master (Antivirus, AppLock, Booster)

Security Master is a free antivirus, available in the Google Play store, and has nothing more and nothing less than 23 million ratings, with a score of almost five stars. It uses local and cloud engines, and is considered to be one of the best available. In the AV-TEST performed earlier this year, which analyzes the amount of virus that the program is able to recognize, CM Security recognized 100% of the antivirus.

Security Master is recognized as an excellent antivirus and allows a double protection thanks to it contains a professional engine that allows you to quickly scan your mobile to find viruses. It is also very small in size and consumes very little battery power.

2. 360 Security (Free Antivirus, Booster, Space Cleaner)

The rating obtained by 360 Security antivirus app in Google Play is 4.6 stars, but it is an antivirus recommended by more than 16 million users. Besides, it is not only an antivirus, but also serves to clean the smartphone and make it work better. It is also a free antivirus. This application is a speed booster as well as being an excellent antivirus for your Smartphone. 360 Security has a mobile optimizer which allows it to be more reliable than other available applications. We find it for free inside the Google Play store and only with touches you get a great security inside the mobile.

3. Avast! Mobile Security

If you have a computer and you have a free antivirus installed, that is Avast. Avast! Mobile Security works in a similar way on smartphones as it works on your computer. It scans the smartphone for viruses and is able to eliminate the ones it locates. It also allows you to manage the installed apps. It even protects you from attacks using the WiFi network to access the smartphone. The antivirus is free, although some improvement options are paid.

Avast Mobile Security for Android analyzes and protects against infected files, unwanted malware, phishing against your privacy, adware, spyware and malicious viruses as Trojans. There is a new version that is available completely free. It is an excellent way to keep the Smartphone protected with a simple application that protects against vulnerabilities that are presented when connected to the Internet.
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