Samsung plans to install antivirus on Android Smartphones

If one refers to the words of Wall Street Journal, the South Korean giant plans to install an antivirus default on all its future devices running Android OS. The software comes from Lookout and be adopted by Samsung after a recent report co-authored by the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice. A report in 2012 showed that 79% of malicious threats aimed especially Android devices.

Indeed, smartphones are increasingly being attacked by viruses or any other method to exploit consumers’ personal data. In addition, if one refers to European companies that have disclosed secret information from smart phones, we can say that these devices are by no means immune to the malevolence of pirates. Therefore, Samsung has target businesses by integrating the antivirus software in future smartphones, always in the context of KNOX which will also be built on some Galaxy S4 via a system update.

smartphones are increasingly being attacked by viruses or any other method to exploit consumers' personal data

However, not everyone is really excited about the integration of such software in the coming Samsung Smartphones. Andrian Ludwig is chief engineer of security in Android had actually announced that all users of a smartphone running Android are not actually incurred in excess of those they are exposed daily threats. Yet, although these risks affect largely the companies, they are indeed present, and some may feel normal consumers, as in the case of the virus causing the phone to send an SMS to a subscription to a premium service, or malicious software and invisible on the Play store that account for all personal user data among others.

What will be the role of this virus to be installed natively on future Smartphones Samsung Galaxy?

It will check the downloaded and installed applications on the device in a first-time. Then it will also protect your Smartphone possible intrusions during web browsing. However, the program uses a lot of battery, as it will lose 3 to 5% faster autonomy when the program is active. Anyway, are you personally interested in the integration of antivirus software on next Samsung Smartphones? Let us know what you think via the comments below.

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