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Do you want an app that turns your tablet or smartphone into a personal agenda? And now habitual use your smartphone or tablet exactly the same way as a real personal diary or organizer, so the app that helps organize for this purpose your mobile device are in great demand.

Taskos Task List app is one of the most interesting from this point of view, since it offers the possibility to create and organize your To Do List extremely quickly.

Taskos, in fact, offers the possibility to save appointments, but also program a whole series of engagements and introduce a whole series of activities, both exploiting the various voice commands, but also by using the keyboard.

Taskos Task List is one of the most interesting app since it offers the possibility to create and organize your To Do List extremely quickly

You must not forget how this application is able to offer several customizable gesture that allow you to make faster the various operations through a swipe; during the latest updates, also, has been added synchronization with all the different Google Apps.

Task List is a very useful application to organize your mobile device: in fact, is able to ensure a good division into several categories, as well as integration with the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, just to mention the two most widely used.

Synchronization with the main social networks

Task List, also, it is also able to offer even the implementation of shortcuts, so as to ensure access to my Dropbox, useful service to store and save files directly on the web, but also for the account of WhatsApp.

It is a very useful application which can help you to better organize your files within your mobile device, and has the advantage, never boring, to be completely free.

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