Apple enters the world of 3D maps buying C3 Technologies

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The company of Swedish origin, C3 Technologies, specializing in the development of three-dimensional maps for the areas of defense and aerospace industries, was acquired finally by Apple, which seems to confirm the will of the company to stop using in the near future services the familiar Google Maps.
Apple enters the world of 3D maps buying C3 Technologies
Although until recently it was known that C3 Technologies was purchased by a company in the West, no details were given on the operation or who would be their new owners, being the site 9to5mac which will decide on the target and confirm that the company was part of the Cupertino giant.

Proof of this would be the chief executives of C3 Technologies, the Swedes Mattias Astrom, Kjell Emgard Cederstrand and Ludwig, along with other original team members are in Sweden doing development work for Apple’s mobile platform, in an office known by the code name “Sputnik.”

The company acquired by Apple enjoyed a reputation for its ability to create 3D maps with lots of detail and quality, with a three-dimensional mapping system linked to GPS locations and adding a traditional 2D layer, allowing it to obtain highly realistic scenarios and detailed.

These qualities of the technology developed by C3 first called the attention of the military industry, which saw in it an extremely useful tool for reconnaissance, navigation and precision guided weapons. In fact, Saab AB, a company in the defense sector, owned more than 57% of C3 Technologies and agreed to the sale of shares by an amount close to $ 150 million.

Goodbye, Google Maps?

With this purchase, Apple already owns three companies dedicated to 3D mapping (before C3, it had acquired Placebase and 3D Poly9), which is considered by many as a strong signal that the next step will be a total disregard services in that area that Google offered him for about four years.

It is recalled that in 2007 when Apple launched its first iPhone, they decided to incorporate the Google Maps for mobile users may have detailed information on traffic, guide, locations and destinations.

However, this alliance between Google and Apple seems to be coming to an end, and the latter incorporating new A4 and A5 processors in their latest gadgets mobile, along with the application of 3D mapping technology recently acquired, may lead a mobile mapping solution that far exceeds the basic application of Google Maps and becomes something new and powerful.

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