Apple Excludes Withings from List of Devices Compatible with HomeKit

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Every time Apple gets into a legal battle with some company, which offers its products through different Apple Stores, it removes them from its catalog until the litigation is resolved. We have seen it on previous occasions with Bose and other brands of recognized prestige. However, despite the various legal battles that continue to confront the Apple company with Samsung, Apple continues to rely on this company to manufacture some of the components of its devices. As we can see, it has a different bar to measure as it interests them or not.

The HomeKit platform has become the best way we have users of Apple devices for our home or work center and control the majority of elements that the components

A few months ago, Nokia sued Apple for the use of patents without going through the box , a measure that has already had its consequences for the company, although in a way we could say indirectly, since all the products of the firm Withings, now in hands Of Nokia, do not appear in the list of devices compatible with HomeKit despite using Apple’s communication protocol.

In this list we can find more than 100 products classified in 15 categories , but in none of them can we find the devices of the French company Withings, company that next June will be renamed Nokia, as we inform you a couple of Weeks ago. But this has not been the first step Apple has taken in retaliation, as last December eliminated the Apple Store online all the products of the company.

Amongst the products of Withings we found an interior camera, which detects and alerts of any movement in the home, in heart rate sensor, a blood pressure monitor, a smart scale. Nokia announced last year the purchase of Withing by 192 Millions of dollars and from June both companies will be integrated opening a new research department for health.

Looking for compatible accessories for HomeKit?

The HomeKit platform has become the best way we have users of Apple devices for our home or work center and control the majority of elements that the components in through our smartphone with the application Home or Through Siri commands. At the moment in the market we can find a great number of products that allow us to domotize our house, but many of them, use a protocol and own application, that is not compatible with HomeKit, which forces us to make use of a specific application to control.

The range of Elgato Eve accessories, compatible with HomeKit, are the perfect excuse to get started in the world of demotic and check the virtues of HomeKit, the application House and its possibilities of automation and remote access.

But thanks to Apple’s protocol, many manufacturers are implementing it in their new home automation products, so there is no need to install any additional applications because through the HomeKit application, available from iOS 10, we can do it.

When looking for such devices, many of you may be clear about the issue of protocol and compatibility with iOS , but many others do not, especially the least understood. To try to help users, the Cupertino guys have created a new section on the Apple HomeKit website, showing a list of all the products that are compatible with this communication protocol, so that at the time To buy a product of this type, know where to look and which are compatible.

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