Apple iPhone XS and XRs 64GB are on offer on Amazon

Among the Amazon offers of today there is also space for the excellent Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XR, two of the three smartphones presented by Apple last year and which, thanks to an increasingly advantageous price, continue to be excellent alternatives to the new iPhone 11 unveiled last September.

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As for iPhone XS , the model on offer has 64 GB of internal storage and is offered at a price of 799 euros, almost 300 euros less than the current best price of the iPhone 11 Pro, its natural heir. To take advantage of today’s offer (the smartphone is sold and shipped from Amazon) you can take advantage of the link below:

For those who want to save a little bit, there is also the possibility of buying iPhone XR 64 GB. Today, in fact, Amazon offers Apple’s smartphone at a discounted price. The 64 GB version, in fact, can be purchased for 629 euros, around 100 euros less than the current best price of the iPhone 11, its designated heir.

To take advantage of the offer, even in this case the smartphone is “sold and sent by Amazon”, you can take advantage of the link below:

The offers on Apple iPhone XS and XS are limited-time. If you are interested in buying one of the two iPhones you will do well to hurry.


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