Photoshop for iPad is now available What does this version offer us?

With the launch of iPadOS 13, Apple has given the iPad the push it needed to make this device a perfect tool to replace our old laptop with a lighter, smaller and more comfortable to carry device. As the months go by, little by little the applications to get the most out of it are coming.

There are several image editors for the iPad in the App Store, however, not all of them offer us the same features that we can find in applications for computers. With the arrival of Photoshop on the iPad, the way to edit photos on the Apple iPad becomes much easier. But what does Photoshop offer us for the iPad?

Photoshop is the best image and design software in the world, it’s like the Spotify of music or the Netflix of streaming video. Everyone knows the benefits of Photoshop, so we are going to tell you little or nothing about this application that you do not know well. With the release of the iPad version, we can edit any image or create anything that comes to mind.

Photoshop Compatible Devices for iPad

Photoshop for iPad, what we’ve all been waiting for

As the company affirms, this first version focuses on composition and retouching tools designed to work on the iPad through Apple Pencil, a tool that is not essential but that helps a lot when working with the application.

Create files in PSD format

The PSD format is used by Photoshop, a format that offers us incredible versatility by storing all the content in layers, layers that we can edit, delete, merge, retouch independently. The works that we create on the iPad can be shared with any other device that uses Photoshop or an editor compatible with this format.

Format similar to desktop version

To make it much easier to use this new version for tablets, and that there is no learning curve, Photoshop for iPad shows us the same design that we can find in the desktop version . On the left side we find all the available tools and on the right of the screen the management of the different layers that we create.

Work anywhere

All the files that we create on our device are automatically stored in the Adobe cloud, which allows us to access them from any other computer that uses the same Adobe account, so we avoid having to send the heavy files that we create through mail, messaging platforms.

In addition, any changes we make to the images that we are editing are automatically stored in the Adobe cloud, which allows us to quickly continue editing the images on our computer if, for any reason, the iPad version does not allow it for the moment. .

Export to other formats

The PSD format allows us to store all the layers / objects that we have included in the image that we have created independently but a single file, allowing us to delete or edit the layers whenever we want. When presenting our work, the document is never delivered in PSD format so that it can be modified, but rather all the layers are grouped into a single one, such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats, a format to which we can export the files we create with this application.

Quickly edit photos

Eliminate unwanted flashes, apply filters, use the clone tool to get rid of unwanted objects … all of this is possible as we can currently do in the desktop version , either through Apple Pencil or using our fingers on the screen.

Work hand in hand with Apple Pencil

As much as our pulse is iron , working with the Apple Pencil in Photoshop for iPad offers us a precision that we would most like to have using the mouse, especially when using the different brushes that the application puts at our disposal.

In addition, selecting manually, through the Lasso tool to create new layers, apply effects, mask the input, perform any other task is very easy with Apple Pencil.

Photoshop Compatible Devices for iPad

In order to use Photoshop for iPad, the first essential requirement is that our device is managed by iPadOS , so all those models that were not updated to iOS 13 cannot install the application.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) all models
iPad Pro (10.5-inch)
iPad Pro (9.7 inch)
iPad 5th generation onwards.
iPad Mini 4 onwards.
iPad Air 2 onwards.

First and second generation Apple Pencil. It’s not specified whether Logitech’s Crayon , the cheap Apple Pencil, is compatible, but it most likely is.

Limitations of Photoshop for iPad

If our iPad is old, some of the functions that the application offers us, such as effects, are not available. Other functions such as smart filters are not yet available, which will force us to use the computer version. This limitation is an important but for the version of Photoshop for iPad, since for some users it may be the most used tool and that offers the greatest versatility.

How much does Photoshop for iPad cost?

Downloading Photoshop for iPad is completely free (not compatible with iPhone). In order to get the most out of it and work with it, it is necessary to make use of a monthly subscription that is priced at 10.99 euros per month. If you are not sure if this version for the iPad offers you what you are looking for, Adobe allows us to try the application for free and for 30 days.

If we test the application during the first 30 days, we must bear in mind that we have to cancel the monthly subscription (a process that we can do both from the iPhone and from the iPad) if we do not plan to continue using the application in the future, since otherwise we will be charged 10.99 euros per month for the subscription.

How to change the background in a Google Meet video call

Step by step, we will tell you how to change the background in a Google Meet video call for a virtual one on your computer, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Google has managed to position Google Meet, its video conferencing platform, as one of the most preferred by users , along with others such as Zoom or Discord.

One of the most requested functions in this type of application is to change or blur the background in a video call , since it allows you to give a different and personal touch to your meetings, in addition to hiding the real background that surrounds you.

Did you think that changing the background is something you could only do in Zoom ? Well, you were wrong.

In this article, we explain step by step how to change the background in a Google Meet video call .

Step by step, we will tell you how to change the background in a Google Meet video call for a virtual one on your computer, Android, iPhone and iPad.

How to change the background of Google Meet on computer

As Google announced , changing the background in a Google Meet video call is currently only available on ChromeOS and the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac.

To enjoy this function on Android and iOS you have to wait a few more weeks.

It is a highly anticipated tool on the video conferencing platform, as it was already present in direct rivals such as Zoom.

The background change in a Google Meet video call comes with three different options : you can add your own image, choose one from the Google gallery, or blur the background so that you can be seen clearly, but everything you have is hidden behind.

After testing all three possibilities during a Meet meeting in Google Chrome, we can confirm that this new feature has been successfully integrated .

The main subject is always seen clearly, differentiated from the virtual background, and changes are applied quickly.

Now, it’s up to you to take advantage of this tool that Google Meet makes available to you, clearly useful if you want to maintain the privacy of the place where you are.

Step by step, we explain how to change the background of Google Meet on your computer.

Open the options menu

Once you are in a meeting, whether created by you or by another user, you must open the video call options menu.

To do this, click on the button with three vertical dots located in the lower right corner.

Enter the section “Change background”

After displaying the options menu on the right side, you will find that it gives you access to change the design, enter full screen or activate subtitles.

In addition, in this menu there is the option “Change background”, in which you must click to change or blur the background in the video call.

Decide how you want to change the background in the video call

By clicking on “Change background”, a right side menu will open with all the options to change the wallpaper.

First, you can choose between the images that Google offers you . Just by clicking on the one you like the most, the background will be applied and you can see how it looks when you stand in front of it.

Second, you can add your own wallpaper by clicking on the “+” button . Choose the image stored on your computer and add it to become the new virtual background for your video call on Google Meet.

Finally, you can blur the background behind you to protect your privacy. To do this you have two options: blur slightly , represented by the icon of a person surrounded by small dots, and blur the entire background , represented by the same icon surrounded by larger dots.

Change Google Meet virtual background on computer

On the right you can find all the options to change the background in a video call.

As we said, when selecting the chosen fund exchange rate, it will be applied directly to the video call you are in.

We encourage you to try all the available possibilities so that you can find the one you like the most, be it the blurring of the background or the configuration of a virtual background that adds a fun touch to your meetings.

Thanks to this function, you can travel wherever you want without leaving home , even to space. In addition, and as a most important detail, you can remove distractions during video calls, especially when they are of a work or educational nature.

This tool follows the line adopted by Google to allow users to reduce visual and auditory noise around them.

In fact, there is also a function to cancel the background noise that helps you focus 100% on the meeting you are having.

Differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in the category of messaging apps. In 2019, the app beat its own record for active users per month that grew from 1.5 billion in December 2017 to 1.6 billion in April 2019. Currently, WhatsApp is the leading messaging application in 133 countries worldwide.

It’s no wonder that businesses and companies want to be part of the move to get a piece of the pie. WhatsApp is becoming the easiest and most comfortable way to promote customer engagement with the product; offer customer support; and ensure trouble-free communication with customers.

The problem is that your API service is still in beta and access is still limited. Information on how to activate the WhatsApp Business API or how to get approved is scarce.

To put into perspective the chances that your WhatsApp API request will be approved, we have prepared a clear guide that, in addition to showing you the process step by step, also helps you increase your chances by making the right decisions.

Who can create a WhatsApp Business API account?

WhatsApp Business is the ideal application to manage messages and communication with your customers, but there are other options that you can use to further improve the advantages offered by this application.

But there is a problem, few companies can make use of these additional advantages, which are presented when access to the WhatsApp Business API is granted.

This API allows access to the WhatsApp code and modifying it in relation to the needs of the fortunate company, because only a little more than 90 companies worldwide have access to the API.

In general, WhatsApp Business has everything you need to manage communication with customers in a professional way. But there are small exceptions, such as those that occur with the largest companies in the market.

If you consider that your company can use the WhatsApp Business API, you should only request access to the code . WhatsApp is very strict on this issue. But there is the possibility of requesting the services of an external company.

These types of companies are certified providers of WhatsApp business solutions, which will help you in the administration, filtering and labeling of your WhatsApp Business account for companies.

Which one should you choose?

You must be thinking about using the WhatsApp Business API, but are you sure you really need it? You must consider several aspects. The reason for the existence of this API is to help large companies in managing communication with customers.

For small and medium-sized businesses, WhatsApp Business is all they need. You don’t need to request the API if your business isn’t considered large yet.

Should my company use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications on the planet, it has several billions of active users daily and is currently an advantage for companies. Here are some reasons to consider if you want to use WhatsApp for business:

Does your company have the ability to manage another platform? The safest thing you should be promoting your company’s services on Facebook or Instagram, consider if you have the ability to use one more platform.

Will your clients communicate with you through WhatsApp? Many people may consider it unprofessional if a company uses WhatsApp Business, because they can confuse it with conventional WhatsApp.

Will your company benefit from the advantages of using WhatsApp for business? The answer to this question will depend on the services and product offered.
Can you get the number of your clients? This is a question you should ask yourself before using this application.
You should analyze whether your company will benefit from using WhatsApp Business for business.

WhatsApp Business is a modern solution

  • There is no perfect way to organize, manage, monitor a business and its interaction with customers.
  • But there is no shortage of solutions and as I explained to you, WhatsApp for companies is one of the various solutions in communication with your customers.
  • Don’t hesitate to test the effectiveness of WhatsApp Business! And tell us any questions you may have. We will be delighted to help you!
  • In addition to explaining the usefulness of WhatsApp in business management, at Xplora we offer you our digital marketing services for companies.

Delete these 23 dangerous fleeceware apps from your smartphone now

They returned, but no one missed them. What are we talking about? Of the fleeceware apps, a particular type of applications capable of stealing from users even more than 200 euros with a single click . Sophos researchers have discovered 23 apps that deceive users and activate very expensive monthly subscriptions without their knowledge.

Sophos researchers have unearthed 23 very dangerous apps that steal users' money. Here's what they are

This is certainly not new, we had talked about their danger on other occasions, but it seemed that Google had managed to limit their power by changing the terms of use within the Play Store. But as the saying goes: “made the law, found the deception”. According to reports from Sophos computer researchers, the developers have discovered a flaw in the rules of the new Google store policy and have managed to publish 23 apparently free applications , but which after a certain amount of time activate subscriptions that reach up to a price of $ 249. Withdrawn directly from the user’s account. And everything is legitimate: it is the user himself who authorizes the payment when he installs the app, even if he is not aware of it.

What are “fleeceware” apps

They do not install any kind of virus, no malware, no spyware that can spy on the user: in the eyes of any antivirus, fleeceware apps are absolutely legitimate. But they are not dangerous for this. And to make us understand it is precisely the term fleeceware, created specifically by Sophos researchers to categorize this type of app.

In English the verb “to fleece” means “to undress”, “to shear” or even “to peel”. And that’s exactly what fleeceware apps do : they “skin” users by stealing their money to activate monthly subscriptions at a very high cost. And they do it without the knowledge of the person, who is directly charged to the current account.

How can such a thing happen? Because the developers are very good at hiding the fact that after a trial period the subscription starts automatically. The user installs the app and thinks it’s free forever, but it’s not. During the installation phase, the app warns the user of the automatic activation of the subscription once the trial period is over, but unfortunately very few people read the Terms of Use.

Fleeceware apps have evolved

To put an end to this scam, Google has changed the Terms of Use in recent months to make it clearer to the user when an app is subscribed after the trial period. As often happens in these cases, however, developers have already found a way to revive fleeceware apps, using two new tactics called Blind Sub and Spam Sub .

In the first case, when a person opens one of these apps, he finds in the home a button that says “Try for free”. After pressing the button, the billing terms appear, but they do not make it clear that after the free trial period a paid subscription starts.

The second method, however, is even more subtle. Just download an app, subscribe to the service that seems to be free, to see activated a mass subscription to a series of connected services that the user does not even know exist. This way the scammers are able to maximize the profit, even if only for a month.

What are the 23 apps to delete immediately from the Android smartphone

Sophos has also published a list of 23 fleeceware app available on the Google Play store and that have not been eliminated. In addition to the name of the applications, they have also published the price of the monthly or weekly subscription and the revenue made from the apps with this ploy. Here’s the full list:

com.photoconverter.fileconverter.jpegconverter – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year – $ 8k
com.recoverydeleted.recoveryphoto.photobackup – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year- $ 60k
com.screenrecorder.gamerecorder.screenrecording – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year- $ 10k
com.photogridmixer.instagrid – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 5k
com.compressvideo.videoextractor – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 10k
com.smartsearch.imagessearch – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 30k
com.emmcs.wallpapper – $ 89.99 / week – $ 20k – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.gametris.wallpaper.application – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.tell.shortvideo – $ 89.99 / week – $ 10k
com.csxykk.fontmoji – $ 89.99 / week – $ 40k – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.el2020xstar.xstar – $ 89.99 / week – $ 10k – $ 69.99 / week – $ 5k – $ 69.99 / week – $ 90k
com.fortunemirror – $ 69.99 / week – $ 20k
com.itools.prankcallfreelite – $ 44.99 / year – $ 5k
com.isocial.fakechat – $ 45.99 / year – $ 5k – $ 94.99 / year – $ 5k – $ 12.99 / € 10.99 / week – $ 5k
com.nineteen.pokeradar – Pay per install
com.pokemongo.ivgocalculator – Buggy app
com.hy.gscanner – $ 79.99 / year – $ 5k

How to protect yourself from the fleeceware app

There is no tool or application that can protect you from this type of scam . The only thing is to report to the Google Play Store and the App Store the presence of this type of app when you encounter one so that it is immediately deleted.

Facebook Messenger now available for Windows and macOS

Since the quarantine began and most of us have been forced not to leave home, there are many applications that we use every day to communicate with our loved ones, family, friends , coworkers and other near and dear ones. There are lots of popular services for the HD video calls and video conferences such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and others.

In the last few hours, a new compete has been added to both Zoom and Skype, WhatsApp and the rest of the services that allow us to make video calls. I am talking about the Messenger application of Facebook, who a few hours ago launched an application for both Windows and Mac.

Messenger now available for Windows and macOS

Thanks to this new application available for computers, we can finally make video calls sitting comfortably in front of our computer and with the stability that this entails in terms of image, since we do not have to hold the phone with our hands or support it somewhere without being able to square our person in the center of the image.

According to Facebook, with the Facebook Messenger application for macOS and Windows, we can make unlimited free group video calls. It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to be able to use this application, as it happens with the application for mobile devices.

In addition to allowing us to make video calls, it allows us to have conversations with our friends and family, just as we currently do from our mobile device or tablet. In addition, it synchronizes all messages between devices , so we will not lose any message, regardless of the device we use.

The application for Windows is available for download through the Windows Store, by clicking on the following link . In the case of macOS, the application is also available in the Apple for Mac application store through the following link. Of course, the download is completely free.

The 4 best Android keyboards without ads

The integrated keyboards on most contemporary smartphones unfortunately often lack attractive features . Consequently, many users with greater needs in terms of functionality, often look for new keyboards on the Play Store with which to satisfy the latter. For this purpose, in this article we will show you the 4 best Android keyboards without advertising.

Gboard: the Google keyboard

Price: Free

Gboard also allows you to create GIFs and share them and you can choose from a wide range of stickers and emojis

Among the best Android keyboards, we could not fail to mention Gboard , one of the safest and most reliable in its field. The keyboard has a minimal and fast interface, which offers useful features such as quick typing via swipe , writing text via voice, handwriting and multi-language typing, supported by real-time translation.

Gboard also allows you to create GIFs and share them and you can choose from a wide range of stickers and emojis. To assist the typing of the text, to make it faster and faster, there are suggestions for predicting words and a dictionary on which to add new ones. Personalization lovers will have the opportunity to choose from various themes, even being able to use any image as a keyboard background.

The Gboard keyboard is pre-installed on all Pixels and Android One devices, but it is still possible to use it in any smartphone, installing it from the Play Store.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey also offers many customization possibilities with 100 themes and possibilities to customize the background

Price: Free
One of the most popular keyboard apps is SwiftKey, which has excellent text prediction capabilities , recently acquired nothing less than by Microsoft. It has the particularity of learning the user’s typing style and adapting personalized suggestions to it , which will even include jargons .

Like Gboard, SwiftKey also offers many customization possibilities with 100 themes and possibilities to customize the background. It is also possible to enable 5 languages simultaneously and quickly switch between them.

Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

Price: € 3.49

In the midst of the best Android keyboards, Minuum Keyboard is one of those that, as the name suggests, occupies the least possible space on the screen

In the midst of the best Android keyboards, Minuum Keyboard is one of those that, as the name suggests, occupies the least possible space on the screen . It offers excellent text predictions and thanks to its functions, it greatly facilitates the writing speed .


It offers support for various themes, along with over 800 emoticons and shortcuts through gestures . Multilingual support is also present, through language modules. It is also possible to enlarge it to levels of a normal keyboard, through a specific mode through simple gestures.


Price: Free

For privacy paranoids who care about the data the keyboard can access, AnySoft Keyboard is the ideal app

For privacy paranoids who care about the data the keyboard can access, AnySoft Keyboard is the ideal app. It is an open source keyboard that does not require permissions to access the network , therefore, everything that is typed remains in the device .

As for functionality, the keyboard supports multiple languages ??and offers personalized suggestions, including contact names. It is also possible to choose between some practical gestures for writing, followed by voice input, together with the possibility of using the arrow keys. There is also the night mode with dark theme and dedicated energy saving mode .

Take Perfect Instagram photos with Huawei smartphones

How to take good photos for instagram with your Huawei smartphone and get beautiful images using the settings on your Android smartphone

Discover some little tricks to take pictures for Instagram but also to share on Whatsapp and Facebook. Read our guide to use smartphones quickly and easily. Photos, lots of Instagram photos to share directly from your smartphone but, like taking great photos to post on Instagram and getting as many likes from your followers .

How many photos do you take each day with your smartphone and how beautiful are they to put on Instagram? Today, in our article, we insert some small suggestions to take beautiful photos to put immediately on the social and get a sea of ??like.

Make beautiful photographs with your smartphone

Taking pictures for smartphones is easy as you just need to frame the subject you want to photograph and press the button on the display to view the photo. It is not essential to focus on the subject or wait for the person you want to photograph to smile or have their eyes open because the camera is designed to detect a smile and focus on the subject to which we want to take a picture.

The smartphone camera has greatly simplified everyday life and the use of the camera by users who can take beautiful photographs without being professionals .

Take pictures for Instagram with your smartphone in one click

In our pages we have often talked about Instagram photos but if it is the first time you visit the blog then we suggest you some interested articles that we have recently published and that are worth reading.

Do you know how to make beautiful photos at night with your smartphone ?

– Have you ever thought of taking pictures in Black & White? Then don’t miss out on taking great black and white photos

– It might be interesting to read also why the smartphone doesn’t take beautiful photos

– You know that you can take beautiful pictures with the stars … If you don’t know, try reading our article How to photograph moving stars with your smartphone

Make beautiful photographs with your smartphone

Now let’s see some little tricks on how to take photos that are always in focus. The first thing to do is when framing the subject to be photographed with the smartphone is to touch the subject you want to focus with on the display. In this way the smartphone will use the autofocus to make the perfect photo. The advice we can give you is to always take at least 2 or better 3 photos of the subject at least you will be sure that at least one will be perfect.

The latest generation smartphones are equipped with optical stabilizer to take still pictures and get beautiful images. If you want to be even safer than making a still photograph, open the smartphone’s camera application, place the device on a low wall or on a stable support, connect the headphones and press the volume down or volume button on the earphones. In this way the smartphone camera will take the picture!

Well, now you know exactly how to take pictures for Instagram with your smartphone. I remind you that you can read other photo tutorials for smartphones and get beautiful images to share on social media by clicking on the link