Best Android Smartphone with Full QWERTY keyboard

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MWC 2012 is over and there are many smartphones and tablet presented, with the Android you have done the lion’s share. Certainly, the touch screen is a proven technology on everything and required by all but resist the charm of a large, comfortable QWERTY keyboard that allows typing quickly, accurately, and for longer sessions. Here are the top 3 of Android smartphones with comfortable QWERTY keyboards.

Best Android Smartphone with Full QWERTY keyboard

Droid 4

Issued in February 2012, the new smartphone Droid 4 with Android 2.3 Gingerbread has a 5 lines comfortable QWERTY keyboard, backlit and universally indicated as the most convenient both in terms of response for the comfort when in contact with the fingers, as well as the presence of useful shortcuts preset. In short time you get used to the spaces that look right for fast, even without looking.

Best Android Smartphone with Full QWERTY keyboard

Samsung Glide Captive

A new 4G smartphone from Samsung which cost just under Droid 4. In addition, Glide has a very high performance hardware device (dual-core processor, among other components) that allowed him to win pride of place in the standings. The QWERTY keyboard of this Samsung smartphone features 4 rows with 4 large buttons on the sides, which follow the same functions of Android physical buttons (Home, Search, Back, Menu), so that it is necessary to abandon writing for a run of these functions. The only flaw seems to be the battery, which seems less performance than other smartphone siblings.

Best Android Smartphone with Full QWERTY keyboard

HTC Status

Here is a smartphone fanatics dedicated to the social network. With HTC Status, in fact, you can quickly share the most significant moments of their day with all your friends. By pressing a single button, HTC Status helps you stay at the center of your social relationships, accessing Facebook without any loss of time. The keyboard is large and the buttons to the island, is sufficiently powerful: the motivation of this smartphone, from hardware of the first floor and is given its low costs and strong commitment to social networks to target youth.

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