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Many brands use Android on their devices. Except Nexus phones or the new Google Edition, all usually carry certain configurations and applications, while certain users, dislike to a considerable number of these as they are considered useless, heavy and accused of draining the battery and memory in excess. This is one of the main reasons that users often change rom looking for a lighter and cleaner.

Following the criticism of Samsung with the Galaxy S4 and its applications “Smart Scroll” and “Air Gesture”, the company has decided to listen to criticism from users and include in your new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3 applications that can really be useful for users and have some use in daily life.

Some of the new and enhanced applications including the Galaxy Note 3 by applying Air Command that opens a menu of applications by pressing a button on the S-Pen are:

Action Memo: The evolution of the S Memo with many more features for users. From now on will not only take quick notes, but you know identify application notes, what type they are and if concerned, for example, a phone number, add it to the agenda without need user intervention.

Some of the new and enhanced applications including the Galaxy Note 3 by applying Air Command

S Finder: We will allow you to search for text, symbols, formulas, and other such information. Enter the item to search from the S-Pen for added convenience.

Scrapbook: This application is a content management system, similar to Pocket, which will allow us to collect a variety of information, organize it and interact with it (write about it, make comments, etc).

The interface of the Galaxy Note 3 toll TouchWix has also been modified with new useful features for users

Pen Window: This application will allow us to draw a square on the screen and run an application in as if it were a window above the Android launcher.

Screen Write: With this application can take screenshots and interact with them, for example, drawing, gesturing or making comments. It is the updated and improved version of the catches reported in the Galaxy Tab.

The interface of the Galaxy Note 3 toll TouchWix has also been modified with new useful features for users:

My Magazine: Is an application that compiles news of interest depending on the geographical area in which the user is local results showing interest.

Samsung Knox: A security tool that will reach all users, and is not only aimed at a professional audience. With this tool you will be protected from malware and, in turn, locate and delete the phone in case of loss or theft.

Multi Window: An advanced version of multitasking Samsung that will allow, in addition to running multiple applications ‘windows’ and have them running simultaneously, to interact with them and even exchange data with each other, for example, open a media player and pass a music folder.

Along with all the above applications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will include also some of the most used in the Play Store such as The New York Times, Evernote, Path, eBay and Line.

It seems that Samsung has listened to users and decided to improve their applications. Definitely a good idea that will make the Galaxy Note 3 has the success it deserves.

How about default applications included in the new Galaxy Note 3?

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