BlackBerry Music Challenge iTunes

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Now you can download and share music with other users by using BlackBerry device.
After being announced in recent months, now Research in Motion makes the application named as BBM Music, available for download with which you can download and share music with other BlackBerry users in your address book. In recent days, RIM has in fact confirmed the availability of the new application BalckBerry Music. Of course, it intended to BlackBerry smartphones and that for some functions require integration with the BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging service.
BlackBerry Music Challenge iTunes
Clear the intent of throwing down the gauntlet to Apple with respect to its popular iTunes “App”. The new application will allow music lovers and owners of a BlackBerry device to connect to each other and share a social activities, favorite songs and playlists to listen. The service is exclusive for users who have installed versions 6 and 7 of the BlackBerry operating system on their terminals.
The application can be downloaded for free but to access the service and to create your account you must subscribe. The monthly subscription that allows you to buy the top 50 songs every month to renew the 25 to the playlist is $ 4.99. There is also a free version that allows subscription to become familiar with the application but only listening to the songs to a preview of just 30 seconds. BlackBerry Music is only available in the United States, Canada and Australia for now but it should be released shortly in Europe.

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