Newest BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone: Success and failure prediction

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One can not overstate the importance of this mobile phone. This, the BlackBerry Z10 is the device on which is the BlackBerry (formerly called Reseach in Motion) will distil. This is not to say that the company will disappear completely if the Z10 – and the BlackBerry 10 operating system that contains within – not a huge market success. But if this phone can not do their job to expand its reach with the OS Berry beyond loyal users who have stayed with their Bolds, Torches and Storms, it is quite easy to say that BlackBerry will have a very difficult time.

The Blackberry chrome emblem on the back and a couple of buttons on the edges brushed aluminum

The company has opted not exactly all you have to launch the BlackBerry 10 with massive financial losses, avoided only by the job cuts, plus a huge tectonic shift among senior leaders and corporate culture created by CEO and President Thorsten Heins, the phrase “success or total failure” feels quite useful for the situation.

So is this the phone that will be good enough to deter buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S III or Apple iPhone 5 or any other delicious device other platforms? The short answer is that no, it seems that for the time being, but of course things are much more complicated than an answer so short.

Like the PlayBook, a device that looked professional and discreet, so does the BlackBerry Z10 that is stylistically dumb. It is dark, with a monochromatic exterior that is interrupted only by a mirror style BlackBerry logo below the screen. The Blackberry chrome emblem on the back and a couple of buttons on the edges brushed aluminum.

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