BlackBerry Z30 the BB phablet

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The model BlackBerry Z30 was part of many business-related BlackBerry rumors, and after nearly a month of different leaks of images and videos, and is officially here and we can talk about its features. BlackBerry Z30 is designed for large screen segment, in this case 5 inches.

Run the BlackBerry OS 10.2, a review enhanced system that debuted January 30, 2013. The other current devices that run BlackBerry 10 include models Q5, Q10 and Z10.

No surprise with its features, the BlackBerry model meets expectations Z30 has a quad-core processor at 1.7 Ghz frequency which battery is 2880 mAh and guarantees several hours of battery life, and its 5-inch screen is Super AMOLED.

BlackBerry Z30 is designed for large screen segment

From the official BlackBerry phablet it may argue that operate up to 25 hours without recharging with a mixed-use settings, although these comments are always related to configuring and using the device to give you. Another detail about which there is little clarity of the availability, from 23 to September 30 phablets start arriving the market Z30 Middle East and the UK, and then expand sales to other markets, but no dates specific a detail a bit sloppy for a company on which are placed the eyes of thousands of users.

BlackBerry model meets expectations Z30 has a quad-core processor

Neither knows the price, therefore you can not make too many assumptions about BlackBerry Z30 performance until no in-store, and sure to cause a stir, whether for good or ill, it is one of the devices on which BlackBerry’s future rests, a company that in recent months has had more of an annoyance in economic matters.

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