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The mid-range smartphones are destined primarily to attract users who are not necessarily looking for performance

Htc Desire 8: Specifications Become Clearer!

Certainly, the information about the HTC Desire 8 multiply these days. The mid-range smartphones are destined primarily to attract users who are not necessarily looking for performance as well as new markets. This is the case of the HTC phablette whose technical characteristics have just been unveiled.

The mid-range smartphones are destined primarily to attract users who are not necessarily looking for performance

We now know more about the specifications of the HTC Desire 8! This new model from HTC is not appeared on the web for a few days. Yet we already significant elements concerning features. HTC has posted on his Weibo including two images in relation to the HTC Desire 8 which let us imagine a presentation of it at the Mobile World Congress 2014 taking place in Barcelona.

This is the LlabTooFer site presents the different characteristics of the future phablette midrange HTC. We propose you to discover below:

  • Processor : Quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400
  • Screen : 5.5-inch 720p
  • APN : 13 megapixels / 5 megapixels front camera
  • Memory : 8GB, 1GB RAM, expandable via microSD card
  • Network : Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0
  • OS : Android 4.4.2, Sense 6.0 interface

The source also states that the HTC Desire 8 will be marketed worldwide, including in Europe, where it will retain the name “Desire”, unlike the United States. Although the HTC Desire 8 is a mid-range specifications are enough to convince many users. Expect next week to finish discover the HTC Desire 8, unlike the HTC One 2 (or HTC M8) should be presented in March. Share your thoughts on the HTC forum.

rumors also suggest that the HTC One plus will be officially presented at the next MWC

The HTC One Plus could have digital fingerprint scanner

Through an image of a case to the next successor of the HTC One, the HTC One Plus was just revealed that this terminal could incorporate a digital fingerprint scanner as already included in the specification the HTC One Max. Recall that the Taiwanese company HTC already has a few months starring rumors related to a new version of HTC One. If all goes as planned, this year will witness the arrival in stores of this new smartphone.

But back to the new digital fingerprint scanner, the first thing to clarify is that this specification is primarily intended to increase the safety of mobile phones. Using a small fingerprint reader on the back of the terminal, the user simply has to support the pad of his finger on this reader to unlock the phone in a much more secure than entering a simple code. What we are looking to achieve with this security measure is to prevent anyone outside the phone to get it unlocked. Apart from being a novelty already present in some mobile HTC (see HTC Max One), this fingerprint is also present in other terminals of competition such as the iPhone 5S. Yet other high-end phones yet presented such as the LG G3 could incorporate this feature in the near future.

rumors also suggest that the HTC One plus will be officially presented at the next MWC
What else is known about the new HTC One Plus? Over the past few weeks have been assumed characteristics filtering incorporating this phone. In principle we would speak of a terminal with a display of five inches and 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution. The processor chosen to take this high-end phone would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core would work at a clock speed of 2.3 GHz . Such a processor would be accompanied by a memory RAM of 2 gigabytes and an internal storage capacity of no less to 16 gigabytes expandable to 64 gigabytes using external storage card microSD . Regarding the camera has not been any data filtering, but it should be remembered that the current HTC One camera incorporates four ultrapíxeles , which are able to capture up to 300% more light than a pixel traditional. It is also known that in principle the battery would have a capacity of 2900 mAh . The operating system will, without any doubt, Android 4.4 KitKat.

These same rumors also suggest that the HTC One + will be officially presented at the next MWC. The Mobile World Congress is a very important international event for mobile phones to be held this year in Barcelona between days 25 and 28 February. In principle, HTC should take this opportunity to present to the world the successor of one of its most successful phones today (the HTC One ).

HTC Myst The Facebook Phone With 5 Megapixels HD Resolution

It is not the first time we talk about the possibility of a Facebook mobile. Indeed, on occasion been released, along with Taiwan’s HTC, a terminal with a dedicated button giving direct access to the famous social network. Now, has leaked, with the name of HTC Myst, a mobile that could be the rumored Facebook mobile.

HTC Myst at 4.3 inches diagonally with a maximum resolution of 1280x720 pixels HD resolution

HTC sounds like the manufacturer can get back to work side by side with Facebook. And in this case, the information has revealed in Unwired View brings to the table the existence of a new terminal-baptized-codenamed HTC Myst. This mobile, though not the most powerful on the market, supposedly would have a rather interesting sheet. And thinking it would be more focused for intensive social network.

First, the screen would come this HTC Myst at 4.3 inches diagonally with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels HD resolution. Similarly, with regard to the declared capacity, a dual-core processor and a working frequency of 1.5 GHz would be responsible for moving the set. However, with the direct support of a one gigabyte RAM.

HTC sounds like the manufacturer can get back to work side by side with Facebook

Furthermore, the internal memory where you can store all types of files would reach a figure of 16 GB, but apparently the HTC Myst lacks a slot where you can insert memory cards, the user should gain storage space using a solution based Internet services, which are numerous.

Meanwhile, it has also been known photographic information from you. It shall be composed of two cameras: one front with 1.6 MPx sensor and one rear which would be five megapixels. Moreover, being a midrange mobile, it would be possible to see the new technology HTC Ultrapixel.

Finally, according to the leaks, the HTC Myst would be based on Google’s Android. And that would be implemented version is 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean. HTC Myst also be able to connect to 3G networks and next generation technologies have different file sharing. Sources say that the terminal is in the approval stage and that its release could be located at some point next spring.

Analysis of the new HTC One X

Analysis of the new HTC One X

Thanks to an event organized by the company AT & T in the U.S., that provided the opportunity to test the new mobile Taiwanese company HTC. The HTC One X comes and goes hard to compete directly with the most advanced mobile market: newly launched Samsung Galaxy S III and even the iPhone 4s.

Analysis of the new HTC One X

The first thing that strikes the phone is its 4.7-inch screen that offers a HD resolution (720 ps) and also noted for its clarity (you can view it from any angle without any problem). The device has the latest Android operating system: Android 4.0 Ice Sandwich. All this powered by dual core processor of 1.5 Ghz. In total you have 32 GB built in storage (no possibility of inserting micro SD card).

The HTC One X has a rear camera of 8 megapixels can record High Definition (1080p) video. The transition between camera and recording is fast: only need to press the corresponding button on the screen and instantly take a picture or start recording. You can also take photos while recording. The camera is extremely fast when taking snapshots, which can later tweak easily from the gallery (cutting and adding filters). The front camera is 1.3 megapixels, more than acceptable quality for video calls.

The connectivity offered by the terminal is 4G (LTE) or HSPA +, reaching download speeds reaching 10 times faster than the 3G connectivity offered today. In several tests with the terminal AT & T we have seen huge speed difference compared to HSPA + iPhone 4s. The battery (this time fixing) lasts up to 12 days of standby or eight hours of talk time (capacity of 1800 mAh).

Analysis of the new HTC One X

The voice recognition for writing text messages works correctly with english and provides support in other languages with different accents from all those countries that speak those specific languages. The phone also features face recognition: you can unlock the screen to identify and compare your face that you have taken a picture before.

The HTC One X has three front buttons, one to go back home and another button to see which applications have open.

They are definitely moving to the fullest HTC and ready to compete with the current market. Improving the camera relative to the previous HTC is remarkable and the latest Android make things much easier when using the phone. Made of polycarbonate, has a finish that, personally, seems more attractive than the Galaxy SIII. Available in two colors: white and black. A cell phone that also stands out for its lightness: only 130 grams.

specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

Specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

Within the range of Android mobile of the Taiwanese firm HTC has highlighted a phone like the most affordable and simple terminal, aimed at users who want to learn the use of tactile devices equipped with many features, albeit in small proportions. It is the HTC Wildfire, a phone that was renewed last year with the HTC Wildfire S and that would be near reissued with improved third version of this model: the HTC Wildfire C.

specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

The HTC Wildfire C is a phone that is associated with which they talked with the code name HTC Golf. This HTC Wildfire C would debut, supposedly, in a couple of months, during the next June, although at the price you would not know. However, if you continue the tradition that the manufacturer is displaying this line, one would expect without risk of error that would be a relatively affordable mobile to be a smartphone.

In performance, the first details known of this HTC Wildfire C are very encouraging in the case of a mobile intelligent input. It has a touch screen of 3.5 inch the same size as the iPhone from Apple. The decision to develop the panel would be 480 x 320 pixels, integrating a quality camera with up to five megapixels.

The processor, in turn, would have a capacity of between 600 and 800 MHz and as to the device memory, an internal storage capacity of about four GB, while the RAM would stay at 512 MB. Of course, no shortage of the memory expansion slot via microSD cards. As is also standard in the last terminal of HTC, the HTC Wildfire C take the audio profile, Beats and a front camera, though in the picture that has leaked through PocketNow no trace of the secondary sensor.

It is noteworthy that HTC does not include the HTC Wildfire C in Category One, a family made so far by HTC One X, HTC One V and HTC One S, emphasizing the brand Wildfire. The reputation enjoyed by the users name in the input could be behind the decision.

In its market segment, the HTC Wildfire C will be a phone that is called to compete with phones like the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus or the Nokia Lumia 610, i.e. phones that despite having adjusted to the terminal benefits of midrange the smartphone market, including a range of features that will not leave room for the user to miss some function. In such cases, the balance between price and performance on the device is the strongest argument in the face of your target audience.

HTC announces new dual SIM smartphone running Android ICS

HTC announces new dual SIM smartphone running Android ICS

Taiwan’s High Tech Computer has shown three new smartphones in recent days all of which are equipped with dual SIM Android operating system: it is actually three variants of the same product, which is slightly different name depending on the telephone that will sell. We are talking about the HTC VC T328D, VT T328T and V T328W, devices apparently intended only for the Chinese market.

HTC announces new dual SIM smartphone running Android ICS

Let’s see in detail the technical characteristics of these new smartphones:

  • Support for 3G networks and Wi-Fi;
  • capacitive touch screen LCD Super by 4 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • 5 megapixel camera complete with autofocus, digital zoom, LED flash and features for the sound recording (it is unclear whether even in HD)
  • Technology Beats Audio;
  • 4GB internal memory;
  • Processor single core, 1.4 GHz,
  • GPU Adreno 200;
  • RAM 512 MB
  • operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich;
  • Sense 4.0 user interface.

The design, as you can see on this side, not much different from other touchscreen devices the Asian group: rounded, sleek and minimal and three pulsed soft touch for the management of ICS. The sale price would be around 2000 Yuan, just over 243 euros.

HTC EDGE: The first smart phone with Quad-Core

The next year, will be built not only smartphones more innovative and cutting-edge fact, as in this case, some of them will mount processors that currently most of us have on their computers, such as the Quad-Core.
HTC EDGE The first smart phone with Quad-Core
Very reliable sources have reported that the first house to mount such a processor on a smartphone, will be the HTC smartphone that will launch EDGE in 2012, which will be presented in Barcelona in February, and may be purchased on April of course the operating system Android Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Below are the likely specifications of HTC EDGE:
HD 4.7-inch screen, 8 megapixel camera, 1 GB of RAM, Quad-Core Tegra processor, 1.5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.0 and HSDPA connectivity up to 21 Mbps course with regard to price, we should always wait for some news for next year.
What do you think about it? Surely a smartphone hardware features like this should be fine for all of us, even if we should spend a little to buy in my opinion.