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Sony Xperia Z along with the Sony Xperia ZL, becomes the reference terminal with which it competes against the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, LG Optimus G or iPhone 5

Sony C190X: A New Mid-Range Xperia Is Exposed

The information contained in files EXIF image has been an important breeding ground to know the existence of unknown terminals between projects from various manufacturers. Samsung and Sony are particularly exposed to these issues....

Sony Xperia Z will become the new flagship of Sony

New image and price of Sony Xperia Z

Gradually it has become one of the most anticipated phones of this new year 2013. It is Sony Xperia Z, a phone that so far only been released rumors, but that could be officially...

One of the files that most often share is are pictures and videos recorded with the terminal. And Sony Xperia T is one of the smartphones on the market with better results in these matters

Sony Xperia T: how to share files using NFC

Sony Xperia T, the current flagship of the Japanese company, has a large multi-touch screen from 4.55 inches. It also has one of cameras more powerful camera of the market with a 13 megapixel...