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The Root also allows you to explore the applications of the system and even to modify them to your specific need

Benefits Of Rooting An Android Device

Benefits of Rooting an Android device, because users must run the root on their phones? We will look at some of the benefits of the Root to a phone or Android tablet. It is...

go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media to install

How to send unlimited photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular clients IM world today. Every day millions of users who sent messages and share files. As you know, WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of 10 images...

How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1

How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1

Apple freezes the digital signatures of iOS 5.0.1 As usual, Apple has done so after a few days to capture digital signatures necessary to install the penultimate mobile operating system. This implies of course...