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iMessage is clearly a service that is associated for Apple users

iMessage works with Android?

iMessage is one of the most popular Apps we can find on our iPhone . Why never? It is known to be one of the most protected programs, thanks to its encrypted connection and...

Tips to ensure the safety of our mobile devices

Tips to ensure the safety of our mobile devices

On this occasion we want to advise you on something very important: How to improve security in our mobile devices, which, although it may seem like a lie, is something that many users totally...

Among the data stolen on some of the sites in question there were also the geolocation of the user, other personal details and the credentials of access to some social networks

Which stolen personal data is sold in the dark web

Some journalists of the British magazine The Register found a database containing over 600 million credentials in the dark web As reported by the English online newspaper specializing in technology The Register, these days...