Various types of Smartphone related issues and news coverage high lights

Among the data stolen on some of the sites in question there were also the geolocation of the user, other personal details and the credentials of access to some social networks

Which stolen personal data is sold in the dark web

Some journalists of the British magazine The Register found a database containing over 600 million credentials in the dark web As reported by the English online newspaper specializing in technology The Register, these days...

How to block those who steal your WiFi

How to block those users who steal your WiFi

Are you looking for how to block WiFi to those who steal it? Although smartphones allow us to access the Internet without having to be connected to a home Wi-Fi network, the reality is...

Good Smile has its Advantages

Why a Good Smile has its Advantages

Our smile says so much about us. It is so significant, 85% of people looking for a mate say the most important aspect of the first impression a suitor makes is his or her...