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Lite version of Tizen operating system will need a 256 MB RAM to run

The Lite version of Tizen will need a 256 MB RAM to run

The first time we heard about the Tizen operating system, it was thought that it would be used only for high-end smartphones in the first place, in the sense that Samsung has bet everything on the promotion of the OS, as it is always easier to put forward an OS that is installed on a high-end Smartphone. Apparently, Samsung does not think so, because the first smartphones that will run on Tizen devices will be entry-level.

With hindsight, this not surprise me, because it would be difficult to build more than 500 € on an OS that is still in its infancy. In any case, it seems that the minimum requirements are summarized Tizen a RAM 256MB internal storage memory of 512 MB, a QVGA screen. Indeed, this is the minimum required specifications for the Mobile Tizen Lite. As for Tizen Mobile Full, it will support a RAM of 512 MB, 1 GB of internal storage, and an HD or WVGA screen.

Lite version of Tizen operating system will need a 256 MB RAM to run

In any case, Samsung says that Tizen will be 2 times faster at startup compared to other mobile systems. He also said that the NX300M 20 MP sensor is capable of capturing up to 9 frames per second continuous shooting . It seems that the first smartphone running Tizen 2.2.1 will be marketed from the beginning of 2014, and another in Tizen 3.0 will begin to be sold from the 3rd quarter of 2014 with, among others, support for the ARM 64-bit South Korean giant.