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OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

OnePlus launches its first wearable OnePlus Band on January 11

Activity wristbands, smart watches and wearables in general have become a highly coveted item by users around the world.

The launch will consist of an activity bracelet that will be called OnePlus Band. And it will be intended for all pockets, even the most limited, since the price will be around 30 euros. Like most devices of this type, it will be used to count steps and physical and sports activity. It will also have a heart rate meter and we can monitor our sleep hours. In short, a mid-range activity bracelet.

OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

Great battery life

Another of the strong points that we can find in this activity bracelet is that it will have a battery with a duration of up to two weeks. Not having to constantly go through the charger is a point that will be highly appreciated by most users. In addition, it is also waterproof, through the IP68 standard. Its screen will be tactile, with AMOLED technology and a size of 1.1 inches. These are very interesting features for the economical price.

Launch in China

OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

The date on which the OnePlus Band will go on the market has already been confirmed by the brand. On January 11 we will begin to be able to find it in some stores. However, it must be taken into account that as usual in Chinese brands, in principle it will be designed for the Asian market. We will have to wait a little longer to find it in these parts.

When will the OnePlus Band arrive in Europe?

Although the brand has not made official a specific date for its launch in Europe and the United States, it is expected that its arrival may be available within a few months. At least this is what we can deduce if we take into account how the launches of other products of the brand have gone, which arrived in our country several months later than in China.

What do you think of this activity bracelet? Do you think it will make a dent in the market or is it too saturated? What advantages do you find it compared to others like the Xiaomi MiBand 5? A little further down you can find our comments section, in which you can tell us all your impressions about it.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

How to unlock a cell phone online by IMEI?

When cell phones are purchased directly from a telephone service provider, they are usually delivered blocked to operate exclusively with their lines and cannot be used by competing operators, which is unpleasant if you want to change companies. Luckily, there is a very easy way to unlock a device, and just use the IMEI code to do it.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society, they are used in almost all human activities, they are very popular and the variety of companies that provide connectivity services is quite wide.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

Most operating companies sell cellular devices to be used exclusively with their lines, blocked for use with competing companies. Luckily, there are always ways to release them so they can work with any operator , regardless of the service provider company.

There are specialized platforms that help to unlock cell phones just by using the IMEI code, one of them is the LiberarCelular portal, with which you can unlock any device totally free and online. This effective web tool releases cell phones with the IMEI code, from different telephone companies and without even leaving the house, all online.

Unlocking a cell phone is a really easy process that allows it to be used with any operator anywhere in the world and is available to most operators in Latin America, in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, and Spain.

How to unlock a cell phone

To unblock a cell phone you just have to go to LIBERATECellular, choose the country and the operating company and click on FREE CELL PHONE. When entering the page of the selected company, the brand of the equipment is chosen and the IMEI code is entered, after this you have to press the FREE CELL PHONE button again and wait for the system to issue the unlocking code known as simlock.

The code is generated in a few seconds, it is unique and is associated with the country, operator, brand and IMEI of the equipment and nothing else is valid for the moment it is generated .

This simlock code has six figures, of which the first two will be displayed on the page where it is generated, the full numbers are automatically uploaded to a download server which can be accessed by creating a free account on it. With the full simlock code you can unlock the device only by following a few steps given on that page.

Before to release a cell phone you had to pay, but with the reforms and regulations that currently govern the operation of telephone operators, it is now free . The problem is that they are not interested in their clients knowing that the procedure is free and easy to carry out so that they keep the equipment tied to them, so it is difficult to do it from their official pages.

International support

Thanks to LiberarCelular, you can unlock any cell phone quickly, safely and very easily.

This platform provides technical support to 21 countries, 31 operating companies and 11 brands of cellular equipment. If the service provider company is not available, the person interested in freeing a cell phone can contact the web platform, through the section they have available, so that it can send the request.

This portal is allied with the sister websites liberationcellularonline and liberationmovilcellular.

To date, the site has registered 168,372, an average of 3,200 daily cell phones. It is a very effective service that has helped thousands of people to have a device released to use it in any service operator they want, without the limitations that had when it was blocked to use only with a single company.

It is an excellent solution to obtain more freedom with the use of the cell phone. As soon as it is released, there will no longer be any problem of inserting any desired telephony chip and using it as usual.

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearables of the house

Samsung: smartphones of 2021 will not support old wearable devices

If you are among users who still own and use a Samsung Gear smartwatch, you may have to think twice before purchasing a new smartphone from the Korean company in 2021. According to reports from the GalaxyClub newspaper, in fact, an app notification Members warned users that the old wearables of the house will no longer be compatible with smartphones of 2021.

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearables of the house

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearable of the house

The quality of the existing service on the old Samsung Gear wearable devices can not be guaranteed and assured only through app updates , reads the app notification. The old Gear wearable can therefore no longer be supported by the new smartphones of 2021 .

The notification specifically lists five wearable devices that will be affected in this regard, the main one being the 2013 Galaxy Gear . Also they included Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and Gear Fit. While other devices such as Galaxy Gear 3 Neo and Gear S2 remain supported .

However, if you own a Samsung smartphone manufactured from 2020 or earlier , the aforementioned wearable devices will continue to be supported by your device. The question concerns only those smartphones that will be marketed starting next year.

It is also interesting to note that the app notification does not suggest that the reason for the abandonment of support is related to Android 11 and its One UI 3.0 or hardware .

Samsung also notes that users who use the smartwatches mentioned here will be notified of this in the Galaxy Wearable app in the coming weeks , providing a short period of time to reconsider future purchases.

This is a move, which in our opinion appears to be purely commercial , since there is no real technical reason to end support for such devices, which are still valid today.

The release of the first beta of HarmonyOS for smartphones is scheduled for December 16

HarmonyOS 2.0 event for smartphones on December 16th

The release of the first beta of HarmonyOS for smartphones is scheduled for December 16, the day when a beta event for mobile developers is scheduled . As reported by ‘Huawei Central’, on the agenda we will find the introduction of the SDK of the operating system in version 2.0 for smartphones . The company will also have an opportunity to introduce developer tools, explaining how to use them to create applications for the mobile ecosystem. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to get to know HarmonyOS 2.0 in depth, and to be involved in a live technology session organized by the Chinese manufacturer (a great opportunity to see it up close and understand how it works in detail).

The release of the first beta of HarmonyOS for smartphones is scheduled for December 16

Richard Yu , CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, told HDC 2020 that the first phone equipped by default with the proprietary operating system would be made available in early 2021, while the ecosystem would be fully open source before October of the same. year (in a few months, to make it short). HarmonyOS 2.0 should support, from 10 September 2020 , devices with memory between 128KB and 120MB of RAM, from 21 April 2020 terminals with memory between 128MB and 4GB of RAM , and finally from October 2021 phones with memory between 4GB and with more than 4GB of RAM.

In any case, from December 16 the first beta of HarmonyOS 2.0 for smartphones should be made available for the Huawei Mate 40 series, while it is said that there will be about 28 Huawei devices compatible with the proprietary operating system , clearly as soon as it is available to all effects in the final version, before passing through the various betas necessary for the development of the software (find the complete list in this dedicated article ). If you have any questions, the comments box below is at your disposal: we will reply as soon as possible.

Xiaomi video uploaded to Weibo, the lens is shown protruding from the phone's body like a classic digital camera zoom lens

Xiaomi launches a new physically telescopic lens for smartphones

The cameras of future Xiaomi smartphones could receive a huge improvement in quality and versatility. The company today presented a new telescopic lens for cameras intended for smartphones, with a large aperture.

According to the insider Digital Chat Station and a post on Xiaomi’s Weibo social network, the telescopic lens features a super-wide aperture capable of increasing light input by 300% , along with a new image stabilization technology. According to reports, clarity also benefits from a 20% improvement , again thanks to the wide lens aperture and image stabilization technology.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

However, the company has not yet specified the focal value of the lens in question, so it is not currently possible to know when the aperture is actually large. What is interesting, however, is the fact that you can have an optical zoom through the physical telescopicity of the lens .

In the Xiaomi video uploaded to Weibo, the lens is shown protruding from the phone’s body like a classic digital camera zoom lens. This allows for physical movement in and out of the case, just like on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. However, the company has not yet specified a zoom range, so there is no idea of ??the magnification capacity.

Most modern mid to high-end smartphones are equipped with fixed telephoto lenses that cannot physically adjust the zoom length. Xiaomi’s goal to potentially solve this problem and also allow more options for users . This could also lead the company to propose smartphones with a single lens in the back .

Xiaomi video uploaded to Weibo, the lens is shown protruding from the phone's body like a classic digital camera zoom lens

Thanks to the large aperture, a large sensor, an optical and physically telescopic zoom together with adequate software, it is possible to take advantage of an excellent rather bad photographic sector, without the need for additional sensors .

It is not clear when when this interesting telescopic camera, presented by Xiaomi, will make its debut on a future smartphone to be launched in global markets. However, if the company turns out to be able, and so it seems, to be able to bring this solution to the market, it could already mortgage a position of reference for cameras on smartphones.

basketball simulator

Is the price of video games set to rise before Christmas 2020?

Among video game enthusiasts, the wait for the release of the fifth generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X , is already mounting. The two products from Sony and Microsoft have already been unveiled, but although we know the shape, color and characteristics, we do not yet know the precise release date – although according to experts it should be around Christmas 2020.

However, in recent weeks the increase in the price of NBA 2K21 , the most famous and best-selling basketball simulator in the world, has triggered the alarm: it is not that the prices of the video games of the next consoles (and perhaps also of the PC) is destined to rise steeply?

basketball simulator
That of NBA 2K21 (whose game will cost about $ 10 more, both on PS5 and on Xbox Series X) could be only an exception, but Yoshio Osaki , president and Chief Executive Officer of IDG Consulting , is not so optimistic: according to him, this will not be an exception at all, but a rule for all new video games.

In an interview Osaki recalled that the price of video games has remained substantially unchanged in the transition between the third and fourth generation consoles, now fifteen years ago. In the meantime, however, the production cost of a video game has increased between 200% and 300%, even though at the time the price of video games had risen “only” by about 20%.

In partial consolation of all console gamers, who plan to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Osaki said that the price increase should not touch all the new titles, but that it will surely affect the cost of the so-called triple A , that is the most technologically advanced and refined games, of which NBA 2K21 is just an example.

The risk, for the giants of console gaming, can be that of a drop in sales? PlayStation, Xbox and even PC are already fighting a pretty close battle with online games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, whose technological improvements have led to the creation of a video game experience that does not have much to envy to classic gaming – if not obviously having to play on smaller screens.

Surely the new generation consoles will have a big impact on the global gaming industry, and in all probability we will see a boom in sales, but the feeling is that competition from online and mobile gaming can be felt more and more, especially among the new generations of gamers, increasingly attracted by the ability to play quickly and above all wherever they are.

LG Velvet test of the 5G smartphone with Dual Screen 2

LG Velvet, the test of the 5G smartphone with Dual Screen

The new device from the Korean house is light, elegant and offers features absent from competitors. The dual screen case is interesting, but there are still few compatible apps

An increasing number of manufacturers are rediscovering the attraction of the mid-range smartphone market, with prices hovering around € 600. The reason is simple: in a neighborhood of this price, products of already very high quality can be offered, with characteristics that bring them closer to premium models, with few compromises. Devices in which design remains at the center, and in which the average consumer finds everything he needs.

LG Velvet test of the 5G smartphone with Dual Screen

The merit, from a technical point of view, is of Qualcomm’s 765G chipset: it offers high-level performance, equal to that of a flagship smartphone of about a year ago, it is 5G enabled with the integrated X52 modem, it manages to manage 4K video and other advanced functions related to artificial intelligence, all at a price that leaves producers with a good operating margin without having to aim for the thousand euro range.

The charge of the “765G” also includes the new Velvet smartphone, presented by LG in mid-June and available in Europe for 649 euros.

LG Velvet Design

LG smartphones in the past have never really achieved the commercial success they deserve. It’s a shame, because they are technically advanced devices, “well thought out”, with a good design, excellent displays and with innovative and somewhat experimental functions. The fault lies not only with a market that has not understood them, of course, but also with a somewhat weak global marketing strategy.
LG Velvet test of the 5G smartphone with Dual Screen 2

With the new Velvet, the smartphone division of the Korean company seems to want to do things differently. The break with the V models of the past ( including the last V60 of a short time ago) is immediately evident in the design. Velvet abandons the somewhat “massive” format of its predecessors in favor of slender and light lines. The result is a well-balanced device with very good ergonomics, although in some cases the smooth finish of the body makes it a bit slippery.

On the back of the body, LG managed to insert two of the three flush cameras, while it only slightly protrudes the lens of the main 48 Megapixel camera. The photographic quality of the Velvet is good, unsurprisingly, in line with the range to which the device belongs. In addition to the main sensor there is a second 8 megapixel ultrawide and a third 5 megapixel which is only used to improve the detection of depth in photos. Good features of the integrated photo software, to which LG usually dedicates the right care.

You can shoot movies in 4K 30p and the color quality and dynamic range, although not comparable to that of flagship photographic devices such as iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra, is still very good.

LG Velvet Screen and dual screen

As usual on LG smartphones the screen convinces with color balance and management. It’s a large (6.8 ”) and bright P-OLED, but the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. It is a detail that is perceived only relatively unless you use the phone to play video games at high frame rate, but the 90Hz, now become almost standard on many devices of this range, would have helped a little also the fluidity of the interface.

The accessory that the Korean company had also flanked to previous top models of its offer, is interesting but still suffers from poor compatibility with third-party software. It’s great for those who play video games, because it allows you to use the additional screen to view the game and the phone to “remap” the controls on a virtual joystick. For productivity it does not add much in our opinion to a device that already has a large enough screen and advanced multitasking functions thanks to Android 10.

Net of the user experience, the Dual Screen has another problem, and it is the design: the gray case does not go very well with the lines of the Velvet: it is a bit anonymous, with details from business accessories such as the back corrugated, and completely changes the aesthetics of the device, hiding its elegant lines and subtle cut. Finally, there is another element that must be put, literally, on the weighing pan: the overall weight of the Dual Screen and the phone becomes significant and thwarts the advantage of the lightness of the phone.

LG Velvet Performance and software

In everyday use, the performance of the LG Velvet convinced us. The call quality is very good, the most demanding applications in terms of graphics and computational resources run smoothly, the 4300mAh battery exceeds the day of use if the smartphone is not used for particularly energy-intensive activities. Also noteworthy is the presence of the headphone jack input, which is far from obvious on devices of this range, and the IP68 waterproof and dust proof certification, very useful in times when disinfecting the mobile phone after use outside the home it is a widespread practice.

The only drawback, in our opinion, is LG’s Android customization. The interface does not have any particular problems, but the setting, the graphic themes, the icons, the notification panels appear a little dated and would need to be updated. It is not only an aesthetic question, but also of general phone user experience, especially in a market saturated and full of competing smartphones which, with the same performance and relatively similar designs, must aim to stand out precisely for the UX and the Feel of using the device.


The final opinion on LG Velvet dual screen is therefore positive overall, especially for the design and handling, while we would have liked an extra effort on the software.
– Elegant design
– Good technical features
– Wireless charging
– Waterproof with IP68 certification
– Light and easy to handle