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Glossy Screen Protector Film For offering a resistant glass with a 9H resistance and a guarantee against fingerprints and bubbles that can form over time or with an incorrect application of the film 2

The best screen protectors for iPad June 2019

The Apple products are solid and reliable, but what happens when they fall? Although resistant , these products can in fact break easily under the right conditions, a fall at an angle, for example, is practically lethal. The same applies to the iPad : if it is not treated as a duty, what you have to expect is a screen scratched by use or damaged by a bad fall.


But what can we do to avoid this unjust fate? Buy a protective film , or a screen protector , for your iPad. In this list you will find the best ones available on the market for all possible and imaginable purposes, not to disturb your writing or drawing activities.

Glossy Screen Protector Film For offering a resistant glass with a 9H resistance and a guarantee against fingerprints and bubbles that can form over time or with an incorrect application of the film

All items are associated with the address and price that you can find for most in the Amazon IT store.

The best screen protectors for iPad June 2019

PaperLike film … apparently it may seem rather expensive (30 euros) but the PaperLike film has a considerable advantage. It is created with a fiber that simulates paper, which gives an ideal sense for those who often use the nib and hate the smooth and shiny surface of the touchscreen screens. Ideal for designers, but also for all those who do not support the touchscreen touch. As far as protection is concerned, naturally this film protects the screen from wear and scratches, no protection against falls … but it is still the minimum necessary!

You can find it here

Newstyle glass … let’s talk about a screen protector based on tempered glass instead. The one offered by the Newstyle is cheap (10 euros) but not enough to be annoying to install or poor in its resistance. It has a thickness of 0.3mm with a strength of 9H. The slide comes with an entire installation kit, especially with regards to the removal of dirt and dust already present on the iPad screen. Definitely a good starting point for those looking for decent protection for their Tablet at an affordable cost.+

Glossy Screen Protector Film For offering a resistant glass with a 9H resistance and a guarantee against fingerprints and bubbles that can form over time or with an incorrect application of the film 2

You can find it here

Glass and JETech film … wanting to combine two invce technologies, JETech offers for the same price (10 euros) a protective film with tempered glass. Although installation is not the easiest, the advantage that this technology offers is its high sensitivity. Unlike thicker tempered glass that reduces screen sensitivity, the JETech glass offers a more immediate response. A bit of a pity that with all this combination, it is not possible to obtain a glass that is also anti-reflective. But in all respect, what is there to expect more for 10 euros?

You can find it here

Omoton glass and film … this brand also combines two aspects, offering a resistant glass with a 9H resistance and a guarantee against fingerprints and bubbles that can form over time or with an incorrect application of the film. But the real strength of Omoton lies in its oleophobic qualities, which do not let water absorb or collect it excessively on the screen. Any type of liquid is thus easier to clean. The Omoton costs a little more than the rest (13 euros) but basically what you are paying for is a pack of three films, which is still very convenient.

You can find it here

Spar glass in … let’s go back now or in the universe of tempered glass. Among the most resistant we can find Sparin, a glass protection that is easy to apply and does not create any air bubbles. And as if that were not enough, and also very resistant – it is a glass that despite being not very thick, is among the hardest you can get. It maintains a high level of transparency and response, so there will be no factor to change the level of screen sensitivity. It’s a bit more expensive than the group (around 15 euros) but it’s necessary for those who really want to protect their iPad to the last!

You can find it here

There are several diagnostic applications to check the health status of your smartphone battery but Ampere is probably the most complete

How do I know if it’s time to replace smartphone battery?

The battery remains the cornerstone of our smartphones, but unlike other components, it has a limited lifespan and its capabilities decrease over time. How do you know when the time has come to replace it?

All batteries degrade over time

All batteries will see their capacity diminish over time but their performance does not drop suddenly. It is a gradual process. Over time, the battery life after a full charge will decrease and the battery will need to be recharged more often until the time comes for replacing it.

There are several diagnostic applications to check the health status of your smartphone battery but Ampere is probably the most complete

If you are lucky you may never need to replace your battery and it will hold up until you change your smartphone or tablet but it will not always be the case and you will have to go through The renewal box. When a battery is dying, some signs will warn you that it is time to replace it. In particular, you will feel that your smartphone is discharging faster than usual and that the autonomy offered after a full charge is no longer what it was originally.

How to tell if your battery is healthy?

On an Android smartphone, it is quite easy to know the health of the battery since it is in a hidden menu accessible via the secret code *#*#4636#*#* to enter directly in the dialer of the Phone application. You will then see various encrypted information.

Battery condition

If the value 100 is indicated next to your battery, it’s all okay if it says 70 or 50, then it’s already started to lose some of its capacity. Your phone therefore tells you directly whether the battery status is good.

Of course, when its performance begins to deteriorate, you do not have to replace it immediately. It is possible, indeed, that its capacities decrease but that the autonomy of your telephone remains correct. On the other hand, when it starts falling more than normal and you will be obliged to constantly recharge the device, then it is the time has come to change it.

Of course, this decision is yours alone. As long as you can still use your phone and the autonomy offered remains almost correct, nothing forces you to do so. But if you want to make the most of your device, it will always be better to have a battery offering the best of itself.

Observe the loading and unloading processes

The evolution of charging and discharging processes is a good indicator of the health of your battery. If the fact that your battery is discharging faster than normal does not necessarily mean that it is at the end of its life, excessive consumption from an application or a process may also be involved when the gauge Indicating the percentage of your battery drops or climbs abruptly (from 10% to 20% for example or the reverse), this is usually a bad sign.

If you have a removable battery

If the battery of your smartphone is removable , characteristic increasingly rare since the manufacturers have gradually opted for metal designs, including on the mid-range, then a simple glance will sometimes make a diagnosis . The wear often leaves physical clues about the batteries, clues that do not deceive.

This is systematic, in other words, even if you do not observe any signs of wear and tear by removing the back cover of your phone, it does not mean that your battery is not at the end of its life. However, if your battery is swollen or if you notice rust stains, then it is high time to change it, your safety is at stake. The different cases of explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 have recently demonstrated to what extent a defective battery can prove dangerous for the user.

Using a diagnostic application

The evolution of charging and discharging processes is a good indicator of the health of your battery

There are several diagnostic applications to check the health status of your smartphone battery but Ampere is probably the most complete. It tells you exactly how much you charge when you charge your smartphone, how fast your battery is discharging, and also allows you to test your different chargers to see which battery is the most suitable. It also allows you to set whether the problem is with the battery or your charger.

Check background processes

Before deciding to replace your battery, be sure to check that everything is working normally and that an application or process running in the background is not abnormally emptying your battery.

How to replace the battery of your smartphone

If your smartphone (or laptop) offers a removable battery, then it will be very simple since you will simply have to buy another one, then put it in the place of the old one. Be careful to buy an official battery and not a Chinese counterfeit, although less expensive, Chinese batteries are often unreliable and in case of problem, you could not return to the manufacturer.

If, on the other hand, the battery of your mobile device is not removable, then it will be more complicated. You can, of course, find a battery very easily on the internet and even tutorials explaining the procedure to follow, but it is not necessarily the ideal solution.

Very often, the battery will be difficult to access, once the phone is disassembled, it will be necessary to remove other components, which could then increase the risk of damaging the device when replacing the part as on the Samsung Galaxy S6 , for example. These devices are not designed to be disassembled by the user. The wisest solution is therefore to call directly your dealer (if he offers this service) or your manufacturer.

Summer Road Trip

5 Essentials for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the time for cookouts, swimming, watermelon and road trips. The warm weather, long days and endless destinations makes summer a great time to travel. Before hitting the road, make sure you have these five things packed and accessible on your next summer adventure.

Summer Road Trip

1. First aid kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is a must. From bandages to ice packs to medicines, planning ahead for accidents, headaches or other ailments can keep your road trip on course.

2. Car charger

Having a wireless car charger or portable battery charger ensures you always have power when you need it. A dead phone does you no good in an emergency but having a wireless charger or portable battery allows you to charge your phone even if your car is off.

3. Bottled water and snacks

Packing snacks for the car is common, but it is also smart to have some emergency snacks set aside in case you end up stranded for a short while. Having some bottles of water and energy snacks can keep you from getting dehydrated or feeling ill while waiting on assistance during a crisis.

4. Emergency kit

In addition to a first aid kit, a car emergency kit is crucial if you are traveling on the road. Making sure you have a spare tire, and tire gauge helps if you have a blowout or flat. It is also a good idea to have a road flares or reflective triangles as well as foam tire sealant to fix a flat, small tool kit and jumper cables.

5. Paper map

Almost everyone relies on their phone apps to get them from point A to point B, but there may be places along your journey that is without reception. In the event you are unable to access your apps, a paper map is good to have on hand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Best Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to protect from Physical Damage

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a device which is considered by many the best in the market. It is a combination of innovation and performance that has virtually no rivals, the Korean giant in first place in the world market on the mobile phone this year has just passed doing the best they could. The problem is that this device really costs a lot, and if anything should break or damage causing a huge waste of money.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The fact that it is one of the best devices on the market it does not mean that it is free from damage, indeed, in some respects it is more than others. As you well know is a screen where the screen covers almost the entire front, and this means that the display is more susceptible to shocks than competitive devices. Then add in that the display is also huge, well 6.2 inches, and will understand how huge the surface that may be damaged without a cover Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

You must not forget that the screen is not only glass, but inside there are also components which by the way are also very fragile. We are talking, for example, the LCD that lets you see the pictures but also the touch screen that is the only way to interact with your smartphone. You should know that once you purchase a device, it is not covered by accidental or physical damage as far as most of the guarantees, unless you sign a special warranty that guarantees replacement or repair, however in case of breakages. This means that if you drop your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and break something, you will not be compensated and repaired anything away free. You would be forced to carry your device in service, and this may mean spending a lot of money to fix it, assuming they can repair it satisfactorily.

What you spend depends on the severity of the damage reported. For example, if you broke the screen may take more than a hundred euro for the repair, and the same goes for glass replacement. And if the frame of your device suffers scratches you can not do anything. You can avoid all this in a very easy way, by purchasing a case for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

CAUTION: even the display of the Samsung Galaxy Plus S8 is very fragile! Discover the best covers through our dedicated article: Best cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to protect the display.

ways the Apple TV is better than the Chromecast

Google Chromecast: low cost wireless broadcasting device

Google Chromecast, a diffusion device that connects to the TV to listen to music and view photos, films on Netflix, YouTube videos and other online content from a smartphone, tablet or computer mobile.

The advantage Chromecast: its price is only $ 45 and is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Easy to use, simple to install and control directly from the device is used to spread the videos. What compete with Apple TV that sells twice as expensive!
ways the Apple TV is better than the Chromecast

Features of the diffusion device Chromecast

Chromecast makes watching videos, movies, photos and any browser Chrome Web content on the TV screen. Simply connect the device to the HDMI port of the TV and voila! We need only add to the wireless network from home during the first use to disseminate what is on the screen of mobile devices on the big screen of the show.

At present, it allows applications to take advantage of Netflix, YouTube as well as Google Play movies and music.

Note that if you use Chromecast with a computer, only the Chrome browser content will be displayed to the TV; Files stored locally on the computer will therefore not be disseminated. No remote control is required to use it since it controls what is displayed using the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or Windows or Mac computer. Just press on an icon to start content delivery.

All devices connected to the Wi-Fi home network can use Chromecast and show their content on the TV, even the guests since the use of the device requires no installation. An Internet connection is required to use the Chromecast, especially because it consistently makes updates and checks on the applications in use.

An inexpensive solution that advertises several types of multimedia content.

NAME: Chromecast
PRICE: Approximately $ 45
More info and buy online the diffusion device Chromecast
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MagCable: magnetic charging arrives on all smartphones

I point this evening a truly amazing and fantastic accessory for your smartphone with Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS.

The accessory that I present today is called MagCable and allows for the magnetic charge of any smartphone . Yes, you read right: with MagCable will be possible to obtain the magnetic charge on all smartphones . This way you can just bring the power cord to your device to start charging without having to enter each time the pin (which is regularly inserted in the wrong direction).

But let’s find out together the details of MagCable to understand how it actually works.

MagCable magnetic charging port on all smartphones

With MagCable we can finally upload our devices comfortably. MagCable has just arrived on Kickstarter, which has already collected many funds to enable its designers to proceed with the project.

No denying it: one of the great limitations of today’s smartphones is the battery, which lasts always too little and not with us ever in the evening. And so we are forced to continuously load our smartphones : the current, to the PC, the external battery; just any source of energy to bring us closer as if it were a spring of water in the desert.

But, let’s face it, every time connect the smartphone to the classic cable is a pain in the ass is not indifferent. The various ports MicroUSB, then, require you to insert the connector in the right direction and with an almost maniacal precision and every time we put the cable in the wrong direction. And, in all of this, it not infrequently happens that the cables are connected or removed with too much violence which may break.

To work around this “problem” and make our life easier, here is getting ready to come to market MagCable, a magnetic universal connector that will allow us to load our smartphone in a very simple and fast. In practice it is a cheap and simple cable to any device that provides for the possibility of the to be loaded without having to enter precisely the connector into the port. Fantastic!

Going into details, we find that MagCable is a real kit consists of two parts: the adapter and the magnetic wire.

At the micro-USB port (or Lighitning for those with iPhone) device is placed a special adapter that then attract the magnetic wire.

In short, with MagCable can simply bring the charging cable to your smartphone and, thanks to the magnetic charging will start in the blink of an eye. Fantastic!

As anticipated, the project MagCable was launched on Kickstarter, where he finished the stage crowdfunding after just a few minutes, registering nearly twice the sum required for the production. In this way, the lucky lenders could take home a kit MagCable with just $ 12.

At this point we should not do anything but wait for the real marketing accessory, hoping to see him soon in Italy at a competitive price. I’m really curious to fully test this MagCable, especially because, passing by Galaxy S6 iPhone 6S, I lost the wireless charging, which was convenient for me.

The Dash: the perfect headphones

The Dash: the perfect headphones

Music is a part of everyone’s life. Bring joy, enthusiasm and motivation. However, it is not always a pleasure to listen to music with headphones. Cables are often entangled and pull the headphones and eventually break. In addition, access to online content from a smartphone is impressive, but that need to carry a smartphone all the time can be a real headache.
The Dash: the perfect headphones
The Dash, consisting of a pair of discrete and fully inclusive wireless headset that works as a music player. It is able to play music through a Bluetooth connection or use the 4GB memory which holds integrated music player, ie you may have about one thousand songs in your headphones with The Dash. Everything about the design is focused on providing freedom of movement, sound and incredible comfort. The Dash is awesome for sports and great for everything else.

No wires

The Dash has absolutely no cable and have a good reason not to have them: headphones forcing stretch and finally break. But no cables are needed: The Dash uses the new generation of Bluetooth technology, so you can devote just do what you love most with total freedom of movement, also sounds great and feels the same way.

Independent or phone

You can use The Dash with or without a smartphone since its storage capacity of 4GB, you’ll thousand songs in your ears . You can also use The Dash like headphones and play your music from your phone without cables! In addition, The Dash has comfort and a secure fit. It comes in three size to fit close to your ear.

With just a touch of your finger

The Dash has a sensitive and sensitive to friction surface that enables you to control it as well as your smartphone or your audio. You will be able to control movements by pressing shift and making it easy while performing other tasks either sports or leisure.

Battery Charge Pack

Imagine having a battery pack for The Dash, you’ve to add to that the ability to charge your device anywhere in under an hour! and to make matters worse, imagine having five full loads in a small case that only measures 90x80x20 mm.