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US researchers have discovered a vulnerability of Android smartphones that can steal users' personal data

Bluetooth devices endanger smartphones: the list

A new vulnerability affects Android smartphones and endangers hundreds of thousands of devices. The alarm was raised by researchers from Purdue University and Iowa University who published a research paper showing that some Bluetooth...

WinRAR has a bug

WinRAR has a bug: 500 million users at risk

CheckPoint researchers discovered a vulnerability in WinRAR that endangered the PCs of 500 million users. Here’s what to do to defend yourself A bug in WinRAR has endangered the personal data of over 500...

A computer scientist has discovered four vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi that would endanger millions of devices including PS4 and Xbox

PS4 and Xbox at risk of hackers due to Wi-Fi

We use Wi-Fi technology every day to connect our devices to the Internet. It has become normal to activate the Wi-Fi icon and wait for the few seconds that separate us from the Net....