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Installing multiple keyboard language to any iPhone with Jailbreak

Changing the keyboard language to any iPhone

Just as other mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad I have a keyboard with predictive text and spellcheck que allows us to write faster. This function corrects errors we can commit to typing, as...

go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media to install

How to send unlimited photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular clients IM world today. Every day millions of users who sent messages and share files. As you know, WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of 10 images...

SemiTethered iPhone Jailbreak for free

SemiTethered iPhone Jailbreak for free

We have received many emails lately regarding the compatibility of SemiTether Tool, which allows performing the Jailbreak SemiTethered on your device to use some functions. Instead of going into the details of Tool SemiTether,...