Chrome For Android Updated With Several Bug-Fixes

Chrome Beta, the experimental version of Chrome for Android, at this time received a major update. The new version is signed 28.0.1500.64 and aims to solve many of the bugs encountered with the previous version. In particular it should be to solve a series of problems and to improve the stability then.

Chrome Beta received a major update

– Fixed an issue that prevented the on-screen keyboard to disappear when replying to an email in Gmail

– Fixed an issue that prevented display of the notice of download started when the user pressed the cancel button

– Fixed an issue that prevented correct display of the Favicon on other devices

– Fixed an issue that showed a white stripe when creating a new tab

The bug fixes, as we see, there are few, nonetheless still have three known bugs to be solved and to which Google is trying to find a solution. Updating Chrome Beta can be made via the link to the Play Store found below. If your device does not detect the update immediately, you just need to wait a few hours.


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