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CloudMagic all messages from all email accounts in one app

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Different user accounts email and an application for each. No matter if it is client Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo… something that can be useful to differentiate messages from different areas, but also a mess if what you want is to have all the information in one place. The solution proposed by CloudMagic email application is able to create a single unified inbox with different accounts and emails.

It is a productivity application. A utility for the user you want to have all emails in one application and not waste time looking for messages in different utilities. It also has other interesting options for ensuring the inbox even when there is no Internet connection. All through a clean interface and clear which makes it especially useful through the tablets available for messages.

CloudMagic email application is able to create a single unified inbox with different accounts and emails
Simply download the application and sign the user up to five email services data. CloudMagic not close to anything, being able to insert any email that has IMAP. However, for less experienced users just click on the icon of the different services that are displayed when the application starts for the first time. Just enter your address and password contents are linked and can start using this application.

This one is shown as normal input tray, being able to see different messages with your subject and sender always visible, sorted chronologically by arrival. This tray can collect all messages from different accounts, differentiating by a small colored stripe on the right side, so knowing their origin quickly. While it is always possible to display the left menu to check, one by one, the different input trays by every service connected with CloudMagic.

But this application has other functions as interesting. Among them is its very powerful search tool. By the top bar you can enter any term to find that message a few days ago reviewing interests. The good thing is that only a letter introducing the tool is put to work, making suggestions to make searching faster style Google and modifying the list of messages you see on screen with each new letter. And the search is instantaneous, letter by letter, saving steps and streamlining the process. It also has the ability to synchronize to the oldest mail of any linked accounts and download a lot to check the inbox with no internet connection.

In short, an email application for those using different accounts and wish to have all in one. With a clean and simple design that allows for easy reading, in addition to all these features. The good thing is that it is available for both Android and for iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded completely free through Google Play and App Store.

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