Comparison between the screen of the Galaxy S3, S4 and iPhone 5

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This time the expert review display, DisplayMate, looked at the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by comparing its performance with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. From the first diagnosis, it appears that significant progress has been made to the Super AMOLED technology brand.

A rapid evolution in the display

Comparison between the screen of the Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5

Side view, the verdict is clear. The latest in the line is double than its big brother in terms of resolution and number of pixels (8 to 13 million pixels), and despite a few inches of differences in the dimensions of the screen. This same screen 1080p 5 offers a pixel density of 441ppi and a sub-pixel density 312ppi, slightly less than its iPhone counterpart which displays 326 ppi subpixels. This difference results from the fact that the Galaxy S4 prevailing green.

Precision signed Super AMOLED

Accuracy side, the presence of Super AMOLED speaks for itself. It is the reference in terms of color saturation. Increased image quality is at the rendezvous as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also equipped with this technology. This time Samsung has several display modes following criticism suffered by the S3 at its comparison with the iPhone 5. The box has also struggled to put the professional photo fashion shoulder to shoulder with the Adobe RGB standard. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 still takes over at the video quality, again because of the green.

The resolution of the screen is the best

Regarding brightness, Galaxy S4 takes over from its predecessor. While the manual outlined a progress of 25%, the reality is quite different. It is with surprise that there is a much greater progress. The brightness increased by 68% without affecting the battery life. According to DisplayMate, the younger brother boarded 20% more energy. Otherwise, our Galaxy S4 also wins on the iPhone 5 in terms of the resolution.

A victory over its predecessor

To summarize, compared to the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 shows a higher resolution, greater consistency with a larger screen bonus. However, it has to make progress on the brightness, accuracy as well as autonomy. Compared to the Galaxy S3, these performances are simply a reason to upgrade to the latest generation. The dimensions of the screen through the pixel density to brightness, little brother shows a landslide.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly assumes its status as a successor to a long line. Believe it or not, this reputation is not ready to fly.

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