Cortana can be downloaded now for iOS and Android

If you have some experience with Cortana, the vocal assistance of Microsoft, you know that is not very different from other assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google Now. You can ask questions and get some answers, even in jest, as well as get sports scores, set reminders and perform other daily operations. The behaviour of the app Microsoft, in this case, is much more similar to Siri, managing to have a different personality from the server of Google.

After a long period of experimentation Cortana is now available for download to mobile devices Android and iOS

Cortana is based on the character of Halo, as certainly the most accustomed to the adventures of Master Chief will. Cortana was a success for Microsoft, since being released later than the other screen readers, managed to take the best aspects of both. The Android version is slightly more integrated than its iOS counterpart ready. Can you call the functions of the app just by using the commands Hey, Cortana, if you are in the app or on the home screen of Android. Apple this is not possible due to the closure of the operating system of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Cortana is a great voice assistant, who, however, changes depending on the platform on which you use and the use that the user makes. Microsoft is focusing on this his assistant, so much that he decided to carry on CyanogenOS, an operating system that constantly tries to rejuvenate the environment Andoird, we do not know if this voice assistant’s arrival will serve, will have to wait to find out. But it is clear that Cortana is an important resource for Microsoft.

If you are waiting Assistant Microsoft and run the beta version to the Application on your terminal Android or iOS, use the link to downlaod below. Remember that when the download is only available for the US and for China, we expect a Roll Out World in the near future.


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