Cortex A72 coming for smarpthone and tablet in 2016

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ARM releases a series of more in-depth about his new core Cortex A72 will become from 2016 part of the chipset flagship Smartphone and Tablet.

ARM is preparing to take a big leap forward in 2016 with the actual marketing of new chipset based on cutting-edge architecture Cortex A72 to be attached to the GPU Mali T-880 next generation; the news of the arrival of the new chipset is a few weeks ago but now ARM has provided us with a number of more specific details on what to expect in terms of performance and energy optimization of the Cortex A72.

Cortex A72 will definitely be used by the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones

ARM Cortex A72 will be a natural progression in every sense of the Cortex A57 architecture and performance, you can already find on top of the range smartphone with Octa-Core chipset such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4, HTC One and M9 the list goes on.


The new architecture A72 will improve the current and also the previous ones (such as the Cortex A15) in various aspects: goes meanwhile said that the next generation ready for 2016 will implement a set of instructions that will increase performance 20 to 60 percent at constant clock function (which will reach maximum peaks of 2.5GHz), and you will have reductions of energy consumption (decidedly important factor for those who make autonomy without performance losses in an absolute value to decide whether or not the purchase of a mobile device) reaching peaks of 75% compared to existing ARM Cortex A15

ARM Cortex A72 will be produced with a 16nm production process

ARM Cortex A72 will be produced with a 16nm production process and the American company has already wanted to compare his new core with the Intel 14nm product (Core-M), highlighting how he multitreading performance and management of the RAM already higher .

ARM Cortex A72 will be a natural progression in every sense of the Cortex A57 architecture


The new solutions Cortex A72 will definitely be used by the world’s leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablet dedicated to the most demanding customers in 2016; you can be sure that Samsung, Mediatek and Qualcomm will exploit them to develop cutting-edge chipset and provide performance of the highest profile; rumors previously indicated fact that the next Cortex A72 architecture would also be able to allow recording at 120 fps video format Ultra HD 2160p, or you can record video in slow motion to that resolution.

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