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As we all know, if there’s one thing that really stands out Google’s operating system is its tremendous customizability . Day after day, many people search for launchers , icon packages, modules, ROMs and countless resources to personalize your phone. But why do we customize both our phone?
It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone
When someone personalize your phone, most times it is because you want to change the look of the phone but sometimes it just does to change the settings of the terminal so that it can best adapt to the needs of the user. Considering these two aspects we can discuss MoDaCo Toolkit module for the famous Xposed specializes in Framework HTC One (including terminals) switch, which will help us transform aesthetically phone and added to the system some interesting options that will help us improve user experience .

Module Features

Only for HTC One:

  • Put the transparent status bar
  • Disable warning when the volume is high
  • Enable ADB safely in the lock screen
  • Enable advanced restart options
  • Wake up the device with the volume buttons
  • Change or disable the low battery warning
  • Access BlinkFeed using a launcher in third
  • Delete the name of the operator in the status bar

Only for Nexus devices:

  • Disable warning when the volume is turned up
  • Enable multi-user support if not supported (eg Nexus 4)
  • Enable advanced restart options
  • Enable the camera icon in the launcher (in Nexus 7 only)

On other devices:

  • Force USA locale to enable Amazon MP3 player if it is not available in your country.
  • Force launcher Facebook Home to be compatible with your device.
  • Forcing Google Play Store to 720p. Useful for apps that fail when the screen is 1080p.
  • Force the sensor to allow all rotations on screen
  • Activate the navigation bar
  • Allow blocking while facial VPN is connected
  • Enabling NFC with the screen off


  • It is absolutely necessary that you have access root on your phone.
  • You must have downloaded and installed Xposed Framework. If you have not already, you can download it from here .

Installing the Module

As you shall see, the installation is very simple and the same as any other module Xposed Framework. For starters, we download the module from the official link MoDaCo . Then install the apk application file as a stream and finally, activate the module in the Modules section Xposed . Do not forget to restart your phone to save changes.

After this simple procedure, we can open MoDaCo Toolkit to delve and explore all the exciting options offered by this module .

MoDaCo | MoDaCo Toolkit

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