Dangerous Malware in the name of Android Adobe Flash

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The problem not only affects the mobile operating system of the Mountain View, but it is surprising that he finds himself much more frequently in it than in desktop operating systems. Users are unaware that Adobe Flash is no longer available for Android. This allows them to continue downloading fake versions that are actually dangerous malware and viruses.

Adobe Flash trap for Android scam is redirecting the user to a web page with the address flash-update dot info. Obviously this is a fake page

You do not need to worry if you install apps only from the Google Play Store. Fortunately, this situation is quite controlled in Play Store. However, when surfing the Internet is where the problem appears. The bombardment of fake ads is a constant, but many users do not know how to differentiate this content from legitimate source. This stands for the download of applications that many times can pose a problem for the security of your device and the privacy of the information.

This type of content is shown mostly by using pages that promise to view content for free, especially series and movies. Finding the right link is often an odyssey for the user and clicking on a fake ad is almost 100% guaranteed on the first try.

Many users, instead of verifying the veracity of the information, continue with the process and download everything that is suggested to them. In this case, a fake Adobe Flash update.

Fake adobe flash versions

The latest scam is redirecting the user to a web page with the address flash-update dot info. Obviously this is a fake page, but it has the same appearance as the official Adobe used for its software.

Adobe Flash trap for Android continues to be effective

If its distribution continues it is that the number of downloads of the false apk continues being elevated. Security experts have analyzed the malware that is being distributed and is far from mere adware . What is meant is that among other things it has the power to access the stored information, both in the memory of the mobile or tablet terminal as the external. It can monitor the operations performed by the user with the terminal and collect the data entered thanks to a keylogger .

For all of this to occur, the user must provide these permissions during the installation process, which also happens frequently, since few consult what are the required permissions.

Users feed these scams

As in the case of ransomware , where payment of the requested amount allows for the development of new versions and improvement of existing versions, the number of downloads of fake versions of Adobe Flash allows cybercriminals to continue to promote these Content through various web pages. Until users download the files, the free content distribution web pages will continue to offer malware . A price too expensive for the security of the device and the data stored in it for the sole purpose of viewing a chapter of a series or a movie.

Are you the one who has been affected by a fake version of Adobe Flash? Tell us about your experience.
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