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How to Delete All Browsing History Search in Android OS

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We have already seen how to clear browsing history on the computer and now it’s the turn for mobile browsers to also save the pages you have visited, the words or phrases you use in the Google search engine and that anyone who has access to your phone can see exactly the history of search and navigation.

To delete all search history, follow the steps mentioned below for the 5 most popular Android web browsers

To delete all search history, follow the steps mentioned below for the 5 most popular Android web browsers, as well as the Google search application included Android or for any other application (Google Play, Youtube) almost always are the same steps.

In the Embedded Browser (Internet)

If you are using Android 4.0 or earlier, the built-in browser is called “Internet.” To clear the built-in browser’s browsing history, tap Menu and select Settings.

Under Settings, go to the privacy and security session to delete different types of browsing data: Clear History, Clear Cache, Delete History, Delete Cookies, Delete Form Data, and Delete Location Access. You can also delete passwords saved in the browser.

Google Chrome for Android

To delete private data in Chrome for Android, touch the menu button and go to Settings – Privacy.
At the end there is the option to Delete Data of Navigation – select the types of data that you want to delete: delete history, delete the cache, cookies, delete passwords, and finally click the Delete button.

Chrome Tip: Tap the menu and select New incognito tab. In incognito mode, Chrome will not remember anything about the pages you’ve visited.

Android Dolphin Browser

To clear your Dolphin browsing history, tap the Menu button, select Settings – tap Privacy & Personal Data – Clear Data to clear browsing history, cache, cookies, and other data.

Select Clear History and press Exit to close Dolphin and clear your browsing history.

Firefox for Android

In Firefox for Android, touch the menu button and select Settings to access the privacy and security options. Under Erase Data, select the data types you want to erase and press the Erase button.

Opera Mobile – Android

Press the O-shaped menu button at the top of the Opera browser, tap Settings – Privacy. Use the different options to clear browsing history, cache, shared places, camera permissions and passwords.

Google Search Widget

The device remembers a list of Google searches. The searches you perform on your browser do not appear here, but do searches that are performed on the Google search widget on the home screen.

A). For the new Google Now, Go to Settings and use the Delete History option.
B). To delete the lists manually from the Google search widget, click on the word or phrase until an X comes out, then press the YES to remove it from the history.

Do you use another browser that are not mentioned here, and you want to clear browsing history, or do you have any other advice on how to clean privacy data on Android? Leave a comment and share your knowledge!

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