How to dispose of old mobile phones and smartphones and where to throw

How to dispose of old mobile phones and smartphones that do not use anymore? Where to throw them following the civic regulations and the various directions to ensure that all hazardous waste must be delivered exactly where they go? There are many people that simply throwing mobile phones as well as tablets, computers, and all the rest of the technological equipment in the undifferentiated. But it is a true abomination that must be avoided.

Our complete guide on how, where and how to dispose of old smartphones

Yes, because this type of devices includes an internal toxic substance which, if released into the air, can be released real poisons causing damage to the soil, flora and, of course, to the fauna. Including man. For this reason we will explain in a few lines the procedure to get rid of these tech waste without much thought.

With an average of a new purchase every two years, the Italians are avid consumers of technology products and especially smartphones. All this recirculation port devices, of course, to generate a large amount of waste that must be disposed of in the right way. Over all, lithium batteries, but also the various heavy and rare metals such as copper, cadmium, silver, cobalt as well as gold. Let’s find out how.


There is a very easy way to dispose of old mobile phones that deliver them to the retailer who, by law, will have to go and deliver them to the proper authorities and special places designed for this purpose. We pay now, in the price of the phone, a fee for all this, then there is to be paid Euros for something that already is rightfully ours.

When buying a phone, we bring the old to deliver the store manager who will have to accept it and take care of it personally. And if he refuse? It can not and even if you have not purchased anything, therefore let them go serene and determined to deliver the old devices.


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