Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has almost survived the test

A drop test video on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a solid smartphone? This is the question that one of the Note 3 user from Android Authority tried to answer via a drop test (crash test).

There was about a year, a crash test (or Drop Test) was performed on the Galaxy Note 2. This really impressed us. In fact, he came out unscathed from the ordeal. Its display is intact and it was only a few superficial scratches on the sides. The Galaxy Note 3 will he show up to scratch?

Note that the crash test was performed on three different positions. Of course, the frontal test was done last so we can do the other two tests. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has almost survived the test. He remained in one piece even if the screen is broken frontal crash. Note that even with a broken screen, the display of the device still continues to operate. This means that it is possible to use the Galaxy Note 3 with a broken until we have the means to replace the display screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has almost survived the test

The conclusion of this crash test is quite simple. You simply invest in a good case for your Galaxy Note 3. Although the smoothness of the unit and the texture of the shell make a good grip, put a protective case will reassure you even more and you will avoid frivolous spending on a screen, for example exchange. In the coming days, we will show you everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via a further test.


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