replaceable batteries

Electric cars like old smartphones: replaceable batteries arrive

After analyzing the advantages for Diesel cars compared to EVs, an important revolution comes in favor of electric cars with replaceable batteries. They change the batteries.

In the early days of the so-called Smart Era, phones were able to change batteries easily. Now everything is integrated with a similar situation which is paradoxically inverse also in the world of electric cars. The concept of interchangeable battery is gradually making its way, starting from the assumption of components integrated by the manufacturer.

replaceable batteries

In the future of motoring there is a return to the simplicity of the past which, lately, is also advancing as regards the smartphone segment. after all, the cars are seen by many as real motorized technological jewels that need a simplification of the maintenance processes. Here is what will happen if replaceable batteries are in real life.

Cars with replaceable electric batteries

After analyzing the advantages for Diesel cars compared to EVs, an important revolution arrives in favor of the latter category. From distant China the idea of interchangeable battery cars was born.

Such a re-enactment of the electronic past entails a whole series of indisputable advantages. In the context of “small caliber” electric cars there is the possibility of having a continuity of use during charging . Since the presence of power supplies of a few KW requires a long stop, it is conceivable to bypass the problem with a set of portable batteries to be replaced when needed or in an emergency.

A scenario similar to the previous one also applies well to the context of electric micro mobility in which milliamps now play an essential role. Standby by several hours may become only a clouded memory.

In addition, a similar solution also confirms a reduction in costs of the same car during the purchase phase. In fact, a long-term rental solution of the supports could be configured on the basis of the personal needs of the individual customer with ad hoc plans to save significant amounts of money and maintenance costs.