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Free download the new Chrome browser from Google

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Google has released a new stable version of its Google Chrome browser, following the policy of constant upgrades that led them to launch and 21 versions of the program. The most important addition of Chrome has been the ability of web applications to recognize the voice and movements through the microphone and webcam. In addition, it have also resolved several security holes (some discovered by the same Google and others researchers who receive compensation for it). Here is the download link at the end of the article.

Chrome has managed to become the most popular Chrome browser on the market, thanks to great marketing effort made by the company and its innovative design, which has become the benchmark in terms of modernity. Their rise has led him to be already used by one in three users worldwide, according to data from StatCounter. The main change in this new version is the feature that allows commands to recognize both the voice and the movements of users.

Free download the new Chrome browser from Google

Using the microphone and webcam, web applications can interact with the user. One of the examples already circulating in the network is a virtual xylophone that recognizes the user’s movements in front of the camera when touching the keys, or an application to take pictures with different effects through the webcam. One of the concerns that have arisen immediately is the aspect of security and applications that access the video or audio functions without need to install any plugin or codec could also use these tools for less legitimate.

For example, a cybercriminal could use the webcam to record you and then use those images. Google has sought reassurance on this point and has established a notification that appears in the taskbar every time an application Google Chrome uses one of these functions. Another innovation that incorporates the new Chrome is improved support for the retina displays of the Apple products. For users running games through the Chrome browser, in turn has improved the performance of typical commands found in the console.

The latest addition that incorporates Chrome 21 is a technical improvement in printing platform through the cloud, Google Cloud Print. With this tool you can print over the network with almost any printer with network connection or is connected to a computer connection, and is a very interesting alternative to other services that circulate in the market. In addition to these developments, Chrome has closed 15 security holes, one of them critical.

Users who already have Google Chrome will automatically update. For those who want to start using Chrome, you can visit the official website of the browser from Google.

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