Touch up your photos online for free with PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free and simple to use tool for making online photo editing, Web, comparable to the site Picnik is now closed. Photo editing software allows to do all sorts of things with clichés but they are expensive and sometimes quite complex.

PicMonkey contains a range of tools to retouch faces, resize images, add effects, integrate textures in the background, add text or funny visual elements, etc. The opportunities photo editor are varied for a tool which is used all free.
PicMonkey is also available in Facebook application to edit images directly on the networking site

Features of PicMonkey Free Photo editing software

The PicMonkey picture editor to edit images stored on the computer or create an assembly with several of them. All for free and without having to create a user profile.

The interface is user-friendly and quickly learns how to use the various tools of the picture editor. These are divided into several categories, ranging from basic tools, facial retouching through the addition of texture in the background.

In the basic tools section, you can resize the image, rotate, adjust exposure, color and precision of lines. The effects section contains a wealth of filters to “Instagram” to add a retro look sometimes, sometimes dramatic or tint the image with a sepia filter, black and white or contrasting.

There is also an entire section dedicated to editing faces: improving the complexion, the color of the lips, eyes, teeth and even a slimming tool. It is also possible to add text, pictograms and drawings to add a playful touch to photos and select one of the available frames.

Finally, the last section contains various textures are added to the scene or background is applied directly to the subject in the foreground. The edited images can be saved on the workstation in .jpg or .png with a choice of 3 different resolutions.

PicMonkey is also available in Facebook application to edit images directly on the networking site and Goolgle extension for the Chrome browser.

PicMonkey Photo editing software website
Facebook Page of implementation PicMonkey
The PicMonkey extension for Chrome


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