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Fujitsu: the new system of heat dissipation

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Today I want to talk about Fujitsu, which has developed a new system of heat dissipation, destined to the mobile market, such as smartphones and tablets.

The fact is that the latest smartphone and tablet processor using increasingly powerful and therefore it creates more and more heat. Among other things the dimensions do not allow the possibility of going to install dissipation systems complex, such as occurs inside the PC.
Here the system heat dissipation found by Fujitsu for smartphones and tablets
Given these restrictions, now manufacturers are forced to go to use of metals with high thermal conductivity , this just to be able to dissipate more heat as possible from the processor and then try to keep temperatures at levels as low as possible. But Fujitsu has thought about how to solve all these problems.

Fujitsu, as we said in the opening phase of this article, would just found a system that can be five times more efficient than traditional systems. This system is quite simple: facts is based on a kind of circuit composed of a vaporizer and a condenser , which are connected by a heat pipe, in which, on the inside, goes to scroll through a coolant.

Here the system heat dissipation found by Fujitsu for smartphones and tablets

This liquid vaporizes within the vaporizer, while condensation on the inside of the condenser. Recall however that the vaporizer is positioned just above the processor; this system developed by Fujitsu allows heat to be dissipated.

Moreover, in this way it is also possible that the cpu works in high frequency for as long as possible, without force that is going to use the throttling and without further heating the back of the device, which both smartphone or tablet.

Finally, remember that Fujitsu should start to finally release this new system, during 2017.

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