Galaxy Fold Lite 4G: a less expensive folding smartphone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G could be one of the first folding smartphones to glimpse a trend of decreasing price at the time of launch. According to rumors, it could cost $ 1099.

As technology enthusiasts know, folding smartphones are still decidedly expensive: some examples are Galaxy Fold (2050 euros), Galaxy Z Flip (1520 euros) or Motorola RAZR (1599 euros). For this reason Samsung could introduce the new Galaxy Fold Lite 4G which would join Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung could adopt a series of components for Galaxy Fold Lite 4G produced between 2018 and 2020

The new Galaxy Fold Lite 4G should have as its code name Win2 or Winner2 while the most expensive version and with high-end technology will be Galaxy Fold 2 (codenamed Winner2 5G). Even if it is currently only rumors , the chances that the South Korean producer can adopt such a strategy are still good.

The launch price of this “cheap” model could be $ 1099 (in the US) while the current Galaxy Fold was launched for $ 1980. Galaxy Fold Lite 4G will therefore not be a cheap smartphone, but you could start to see a trend in decreasing prices for this kind of products.

So how would a reduction in the selling price be achieved?

Samsung could adopt a series of components for Galaxy Fold Lite 4G produced between 2018 and 2020. An example would be the lack of display protection with UTG (Ultra Thin Glass). Furthermore, in the external area the “service” display could be of a smaller size.

The storage space would then be “limited” to 256 GB while it is not clear what the SoC will be used (it could be a Snapdragon 865, but to contain the costs it could instead focus on Snapdragon 855).

As can be guessed from the name, there will also be 5G connectivity that will be the prerogative of the most advanced version. This less expensive model will instead stop at 4G LTE connectivity. Then there will be two finishes available Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.