Galaxy Note 3 has the best Super AMOLED display ever built

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Whenever Samsung launches new smartphone, the brand lovers are always wondering if the company has made improvements on the Super AMOLED screen that the company loves. Is the screen has white color that does not really seem to be white? The colors are they still over-saturated? The screen brightness is it good enough for the user to easily perform readings under the sun? These are the usual questions that many are asking. According to DisplayMate, the Korean manufacturer has responded in the best possible manner to all these issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

DisplayMate summary Galaxy Note 3 screen saying in a few years, OLED technology has evolved and has even managed to outperform the best LCDs and that in terms of brightness, contrast, image quality, but also at the viewing angle. OLED displays are thinner than LCD, but they are more expensive to manufacture.

The Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with the latest technology OLED screen generation. Lab tests show that the screen is better than the Galaxy Note 2 in all areas and is comparable or better than the screen of the Galaxy S4.

DisplayMate recognizes and Samsung has made many improvements on the Super AMOLED screen of Note 3

DisplayMate recognizes and Samsung has made many improvements on the Super AMOLED screen of Note 3 and that at all levels. Although the colors are always more or less exaggerated, different display modes allow for a natural texture. With the increase of the resolution, the screen is much clearer than its big brother, the Galaxy Note 2. Thus, it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish individual pixels. Energy efficiency has increased by 30% and has become higher than the largest LCD HD like the HTC One.

Note however that the biggest improvement is the brightness. In most circumstances, Note 3 can reach 400 nits of brightness, which is equal to the best LCDs on the market today. Moreover, outside the Galaxy Note 3 is capable of delivering up to 600 nits of brightness, 40% higher than the screen of the Galaxy S4 and 10% higher than that of the iPhone 5s to Apple. The Note 3 screen is less reflective. Thus, it helps to have good visibility when in a house for example.

The conclusion is quite simple. Samsung continues to refine its AMOLED and Note 3 is currently the device that has the best Super AMOLED screen. More colors incisors, large viewing angles, high brightness and outdoor visibility, energy efficiency significantly increased. Thus, the AMOLED detractors can not complain this time (although there will always be some who will try to find reasons to complain).

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