Samsung could launch a Galaxy Note 3 with flexible screen

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Samsung continues to innovate in the field of smartphones. Most recently, it was expected that it could launch a Galaxy Note 3 with an LCD screen. This is especially for emerging markets (CF: An entry-level version of the Galaxy Note 3 could be unveiled as early as November). The launch will take place in the month of November.

Today, it seems that the firm is working on a new version of Note 3. According to the Korean site Chosun, Samsung will soon market a limited Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible screen. It may even be that this limited version is launched before the LCD versions. Because it is a “Limited Edition“, the device will be sold to consumers who decide first.

Currently, LG and Samsung are competing to become the first manufacturer to release a smartphone with a flexible display. Given the 3, it was expected that LG announced the release of a device with a flexible screen. But in the end, it was not the case. However, competition between the two companies continues.

rumors spoke of a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with this flexible type of screen

The announcement of the Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible screen coincides with rumors that Samsung would decline the Galaxy Note 3 in three versions, and a model with a flexible screen would be available in November. Samsung also asked individuals to submit ideas for these flexible displays. Just hope the first device with flexible screen does not come with annoying bugs.

Thus, we can have an AMOLED screen, an LCD and a flexible OLED display for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For now, only the rating 3 with a AMOLED screen is confirmed. Waiting to see if the rumors are confirmed regarding a Galaxy Note 3 equipped with an LCD screen and a flexible screen.

The South Korean firm had put in front of the stage a prototype with a flexible display. However, several problems were found mainly at the OEM. Indeed, these prototypes met the sake of mass production to the extent that these displays must be both flexible and very thin heat resistant.

Yesterday, rumors spoke of a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with this type of screen. In any case, we can say that the curved screens are the next evolution of smartphones screens. Flexible displays that can be folded and then take over. It may well be that the SM-W2014 is the next Samsung model to be equipped with a curved screen.

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