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Google Chrome Canary available on Android

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Chrome Canary is now also available on Android, and not only on Windows PC and Mac. It is the most unstable version of the browser, but one that could anticipate the new features with well in advance of the final versions.

The browser Google Chrome is available in four different channels: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. Stable is the channel of the finalized versions releases, the stable and ready for daily use, Beta and Dev are usable versions, but with some bugs known and with the last finishing work to be exploited by the general public; and then there’s Canary, which is the channel of the most unstable and less secure versions for personal use. Versions that are published every day automatically and without being passed over in the manual testing procedures. They then potentially have numerous bugs, many more than those found on other channels. Canary channel had never been made available to Android users

Chrome for Android

The Canary channel had never been made available to Android users, but only on Windows and Mac, at least until a few hours ago when the item appeared on the Play Store. Google has just released the first Chrome Canary build , version 56.0.2891.8 , which is available to all users of the green robot. In the current version there are no major changes since the last release of the Dev channel, however it is likely that in the future will be just in the Canary you can spot the next news to expect from Google in the field of mobile internet browsing. The use on a daily basis is strongly discouraged for the reasons mentioned above.

The Google itself writes that the Canary build is designed to “be used by developers and early adopters to try out the latest changes on the Chromium”. Big G also specifies what you can find on the Canary version that is not there yet on the other channels: “As is the case on other platforms, the new versions are made with the most recent code and often contain many new features, improvements and bug fixes. these builds are disclosed automatically and without having been manually approved, a factor that results in a possible operation instability and failure of the app even for days “.

Then the exact company that initially the new build will be distributed only on weekdays, while in the future may also appear during the weekend. Anyone who wants to try out Chrome Canary for Android can download the application at this address on Google Play Store. Installation is recommended to anyone who wants to contribute in the development of the browser reporting any problems or bug, however you have to pay attention to three aspects during use, that Google shows on the app’s description on Google Play Store and we quoted below:

Experimental – This version has not been tested. It may be unstable or not be performed sometimes. Recommended only for developers and advanced users.
Often updated – Updates may be deployed up to seven times a week, with a consumption of 100 MB of bandwidth. Be careful when you update the app via the data network.
Give your feedback preview – The best way to help improve Chrome browser for Android. Click “Help and Feedback” in the menu to provide feedback.

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